Animal Jam Codes 2021【Free Gems & Birthday Cake】

Animal Jam Codes 2021【Free Gems & Birthday Cake】

Before we discuss the Animal Jam codes, we need to know about the game and some of its features. Animal Jam is an online game mainly developed for children having their aged between four and eight years.

This game depicts the virtual world featuring animals. The most special feature of this game is that children not only enjoy playing it but also they get a lot of knowledge pertaining to animals and several other fields of science.

It was developed by Virtual World in collaboration with the National Geographic Society. This game is spreading fast among children. They enjoy playing this game and would definitely prefer it over any other game of this type.

Animal Jam Codes 2021:

There are several animal Jam codes available which you can use to get the best rewards. For example, you can use the cheat codes in order to get unlimited gems, birthday cakes, phantoms, and several other key items in order to boost up your game progress. But the thing is that not all of these cheats are still active. Below are the ones which are still working:

Cheat CodeEffect
AJBDARedeem to get Birthday Cake
JunoRedeem to get Hidden Juno Statue
adorableotterUse & get 750 Gems
funnyfoxUse & get 750 Gems
fuzzytigerUse & get 750 Gems
cheerycheetahUse & get 750 Gems
swiftdeerUse & get 750 Gems
livelylynxUse & get 750 Gems
playfulpandaUse & get 750 Gems
wiseowlUse & get 750 Gems
poshpigUse & get 750 Gems
slowslothUse & get 750 Gems
sneakycougarUse & get 750 Gems
clevercoyoteUse & get 750 Gems
fastfalconUse & get 750 Gems
wileywolfUse & get 750 Gems
luckyllamaUse & get 750 Gems
quickhorseUse & get 750 Gems
billygoatUse & get 750 Gems
dashingdolphinUse & get 750 Gems
loudlionUse & get 750 Gems
sillysealUse & get 750 Gems
supersheepUse & get 750 Gems
curiousraccoonUse & get 750 Gems
cuddlykoalaUse & get 750 Gems
happyhyenaUse & get 750 Gems
coolpolarbearUse & get 750 Gems
snowyleopardUse & get 750 Gems

Expired Codes

There are many codes for animal jam that aren’t functional anymore. We’ve listed them below so you can check it out and avoid confusion.

  • ajplaycards
  • ajrocks
  • ajtreasurechest
  • animals
  • annual2play
  • arctic
  • bats
  • beano
  • beeparty
  • bemybuddy
  • bff4ever
  • birthday
  • campwild
  • celebrate
  • coralreef
  • croc
  • danceparty
  • deepsea
  • discovery
  • downyfriend
  • drawing
  • dynamitejams
  • explore
  • fashion
  • feast
  • festival
  • foodfight
  • friends
  • friends
  • fuzzyfriend
  • ganges

Through these items, you can have better interactions with friends and even you can make new friends, which would be obviously resulting in the increased performance at the game. Out of the above-mentioned cheat codes, the codes for gems will be especially more helpful in this regard.

Pets in the game:

Codes for pets are also available. You can get the pets through these free codes. In the beginning, only six animals were available in the game. These animals were monkeys, wolves, tigers, rabbits, pandas, and koalas. But, later on, several other pets were also added. For example, now along with the six basic animals, you can also create animals like dogs, frogs, ducks, snakes, cats, rhino, and several other animals. You can buy them using gems. Or you can also get them using aj pet codes. Pet codes are considered among some best Animal Jam codes.

Membership of the game:

You can get a membership of the game club in order to achieve several instant rewards as well as daily rewards. Furthermore, there are aj codes for members which will give special rewards.

Once you get the membership, you will get after every seven days a free diamond. You can also get diamonds using codes for diamonds.

You will also enjoy the daily spin. Daily spin gives you awesome game rewards. Which will be certainly helping you in the enhancement of your gaming skills. However, membership codes will be more helpful.

In the same time, there are some gift codes also available for only members. Members can get amazing gifts using these codes.

Promo codes:

If you are going to get or purchase the online game code, then you may get some special discounts along with some free gifts also. So, we can say that buying the promo codes aj brings several benefits to your gameplay.

Therefore, you need to get Animal Jam codes online in order to get some special discounts. In this way you will be able to pass difficult stages of the games with great ease. Eventually, you will level up to the max earlier than that without these cheat codes.

Updates in the codes

It is necessary for every player to know that aj item codes you are currently using don’t always remain the same. There are several modifications in the cheat codes. New gifts and features are added to  Animal Jam codes making the game more fascinating and unique.

So, you need to get updates from the internet regarding these codes after a regular time period in order to get the best from them. Similarly, try to get the new codes also. All codes are easily accessible through the internet.

Availability of cheat codes

Someone may ask how to get these aj codes, there is no need to worry about it. You can easily get the real codes on several websites in the form of lists and tables of cheat codes. For example, redeem codes are present on the internet.

Meanwhile, you can also purchase these codes from websites. They provide you secrets codes also. It proves to be a plus point for you.

You can use these Animal Jam codes in your gameplay in order to get benefits from them.


As we mentioned in the beginning that this game not only works as a means for enjoyment but also can be considered as a source of the learning process for children. That’s why it is preferable over other games for the children.

Providing children with the Animal Jam codes can help them progress faster and achieve high scoring levels. For example, gem codes will be helpful for their gaming skills improvement. Similarly, login codes will be equally beneficial.

Finally, we can say that more fun can be added to the gaming with the help of Animal Jam codes.

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