Azur Lane Tier List Guide 【Updated 2021】

Azur Lane Tier List Guide 【Updated 2021】

The naval shoot-em-up mobile game for iOS and Android Azur Lane has over 450 ships to choose from which can make it difficult to create the ultimate squad. We’ve looked at every stat, type, and affiliation and ranked them in an easy to follow S-tier to F-tier guide so that you can dominate the seas. We’ve compiled each tier into an easy to read A to Z table that includes the ship type, affiliation, and its rarity to help you navigate our Azur Lane tier list guide. Our guide was made by analyzing different ship’s stats and existing tier lists to make the most up-to-date list possible. Note that tier lists are based on the experiences and thoughts of the creator and are not gospel. If you feel that a ship isn’t where it’s supposed to be, that’s okay – everyone has their own preferences these are just ours. We will keep this list updated as time goes on so check back frequently for changes!

If you’ve already played and are thinking of starting over with new ships from this list, check out our guide on How to Reroll in Azur Lane!

azur lane tier list


S-Tier ships are must-haves. These ships are the best in the game and it is vital that you get at least one of these in your armada. These characters have insane stats and skills that make them super desirable for any player.

Name of ShipType of ShipAffiliationRarity
AkashiRepair ShipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
AlabamaDestroyerEagle UnionSuper Rare
Ayanami (regular or research ship)DestroyerSakura EmpireElite
Azuma (research ship)Large CruiserSakura EmpireDecisive
CentaurLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal NavySuper Rare
EnterpriseAircraft CarrierEagle UnionSuper Rare
EssexAircraft CarrierEagle UnionSuper Rare
Friedrich der GroßeBattleshipIronbloodDecisive
Gascogne (regular or research ship)BattleshipVichya DominionSuper Rare/Priority
GeorgiaBattleshipEagle UnionPriority
HelenaLight CruiserEagle UnionElite
I-13Submarine CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Jean BartDestroyer  
Monarch (research ship)BattleshipRoyal NavyPriority
NagatoBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Roon (research ship)Heavy CruiserIronbloodPriority
San Diego (Retrofitted)Light CruiserEagle UnionUltra Rare
Seattle (research ship)Light CruiserEagle UnionPriority
U-47SubmarineIronbloodSuper Rare
UnicornLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal NavyElite
Warspite (retrofitted)BattleshipRoyal NavyUltra Rare
WashingtonDestroyerEagle UnionSuper Rare
YukikazeDestroyerSakura EmpireSuper Rare

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Next on our Azur Lane tier list are the A-tier ships. These are ships that are still very good, but are lacking in one way or another. However, they don’t lack enough to make any big difference, they simply are not S-tier worthy. You should use these ships if you cannot use all S-tier ships.

Name of ShipType of ShipAffiliationRarity
AmagiBattle CruiserSakura EmpireSuper Rare
BismarckBattleshipIronbloodSuper Rare
Bunker HillAircraft CarrierEagle UnionSuper Rare
Duke of YorkBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
EldridgeDestroyerEagle UnionSuper Rare
Graf ZeppelinAircraft CarrierIronbloodSuper Rare
I-168SubmarineSakura EmpireSuper Rare
IllustriousAircraft CarrierRoyal NavySuper Rare
Jintsuu (retrofitted)Light CruiserSakura EmpireSuper Rare
King George VBattleshipRoyal NavySuper Rare
KitakazeDestroyerSakura EmpirePriority
Laffey (retrofitted)DestroyerEagle UnionSuper Rare
MikasaBattleshipSakura EmpireSuper Rare
MinneapolisHeavy CruiserEagle UnionSuper Rare
MontpelierLight CruiserEagle UnionSuper Rare
HMS NeptuneLight CruiserRoyal NavyPriority
Ning Hai (retrofitted)Light CruiserEastern RadianceSuper Rare
Ping Hai (retrofitted)Light CruiserEastern RadianceElite
Portland (retrofitted)Heavy CruiserEagle UnionElite
Saint LouisHeavy CruiserIris LibrePriority
Saratoga (retrofitted)Aircraft CarrierEagle UnionSuper Rare
SwiftsureLight CruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
U-101SubmarineIronbloodSuper Rare
VestalRepair ShipEagle UnionElite
Yat-Sen (retrofitted)Light CruiserEastern RadianceElite
Z23 (retrofitted)DestroyerIronbloodSuper Rare

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B-tier ships are not bad choices if you have none of the ships in the above two tiers. If you only have B-tier ships at your disposal, you should really try and get some S-tier or at least A-tier ships. You will suffer if you only have B-tier and below ships to pick from!

Name of ShipType of ShipAffiliationRarity
AlbacoreSubmarineEagle UnionSuper Rare
Ark RoyalAircraft BarrierRoyal NavyElite
AuroraLight CruiserRoyal NavyElite
ClevelandLight CruiserEagle UnionElite
ColumbiaLight CruiserEagle UnionElite
HoodBattle CruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
Hyuuga (retrofitted)Aviation BattleshipSakura EmpireElite
IbukiHeavy CruiserSakura EmpirePriority
IzumoBattleshipSakura EmpirePriority
JavelinDestroyerRoyal NavySuper Rare
Jean BartBattleshipVichya DominionSuper Rare
KagaAircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Kizuna AlDestroyerKizunaAIElite
Little BelLight CruiserRoyal NavyElite
Mogami (retrofitted)Heavy CruiserSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Nicholas (retrofitted)DestroyerEagle UnionSuper Rare
North CarolinaBattleshipEagle UnionSuper Rare
Queen ElizabethBattleshipRoyal NavyElite
ShouhouLight Aircraft CarrierSakura EmpireRare
TirpitzBattleshipIronbloodSuper Rare
U-81SubmarineIronbloodSuper Rare
Z1 (retrofitted)DestroyerIronbloodElite

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Only use these ships if you have nothing else to use. They, of course, have lower stats than the above ships and are not as useful but you can still get some use out of them if they’re all you have. Here are our C-tier ships on our Azur Lane Tier List guide.

Name of ShipType of ShipAffiliationRarity
ArizonaBattleshipEagle UnionElite
BelfastLight CruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
Curlew (retrofitted)Light CruiserRoyal NavyRare
Hiryuu (retrofitted)Aircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Kagerou (retrofitted)DestroyerSakura EmpireRare
KawakazeDestroyerSakura EmpireSuper Rare
LondonHeavy CruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
Newcastle (retrofitted)Light CruiserRoyal NavyElite
Prinz EugenHeavy CruiserIronbloodSuper Rare
ShoukakuAircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
SiriusLight CruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
Souryuu (retrofitted)Aircraft CarrierSakura EmpireElite
TerrorBattleship/CruiserRoyal NavyElite
WichitaHeavy CruiserEagle UnionElite
ZuikakuAircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare


These ships are an absolute last resort. They’re have bad stats and aren’t that useful in a fight. When we say last resort we mean it!

Name of ShipType of ShipAffiliationRarity
Akagi µAircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
Curacoa (retrofitted)Light CruiserRoyal NavyRare
FumiruiruAircraft CarrierUtawarerumonoElite
HarutsukiDestroyerSakura EmpireElite
Sendai (retrofitted)Light CruiserSakura EmpireElite
Shangri-LaAircraft CarrierEagle UnionSuper Rare
TaihouAircraft CarrierSakura EmpireSuper Rare
TanikazeDestroyerSakura EmpireElite

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If D-tier was filled with “last resort” ships then this tier is filled with “stay as far as possible away from”. These ships and most others not mentioned are almost unusable and should be avoided at all costs.

Name of ShipType of ShipAffiliationRarity
Anniversary Kizuna AlLight CruiserKizunaAISuper Rare
Black HeartHeavy CruiserNeptuniaSuper Rare
ChaserLight Aircraft CarrierRoyal NavyElite
FubukiDestroyerSakura EmpireElite
IsuzuLight CruiserSakura EmpireRare
Prince of WalesBattleship/CruiserRoyal NavySuper Rare
ZeppyAircraft CarrierIronbloodElite

Any ship not mentioned on this list isn’t even worth considering using in our opinion. Some of them may have their place once in a blue moon, but the ships at the top of this list are the ones you should be aiming to use. With over 450 ships it can be hard to put them all into a list so if you’re looking for which ships are the best simply refer to our S-tier and A-tier as those contain the best ships in the game without a doubt. We hope you enjoyed our Azur Lane Tier List Guide!

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