10 Best Pokemon Cards in The World 【Ranked 2021】

10 Best Pokemon Cards in The World 【Ranked 2021】

This might come as a surprise to some of you but despite its popularity, Charizard is one of the worst Pokemon in the trading card game. Those big numbers always look impressive to new players of the game but unfortunately, Charizard cards are not Championship material. Nearly 30 different Charizard cards have been printed in the last 20 years and almost all of them are unusable in competitive gaming and none so far have claimed the title of the best Pokemon card in the world. Today, we want to look at the best and most consistently strong Pokemon cards throughout the Pokemon Trading Card Game (TCG) lifespan.

Many fans of the Pokemon series often ask What is the best Pokemon Card?

In order to answer this question, we have searched far and wide for the best single Pokemon cards. We are focusing on Pokemon that have been given multiple successful or powerful cards to see which Pokemon consistently produces the best ones. We tried to value incredibly powerful tournament winning strategies while also giving props to those cards that have had multiple successes over the years. Continue reading to discover the list of the top ten best Pokemon cards in the world.

Best Pokemon Card in The World 2021:

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10. Blastoise


Normally your only allowed to attach one energy card per turn but starting with a base set Blastoise and his incredibly powerful plastic rain dance Pokepower, you’re able to attach as many water energies as possible in a single turn – Two, five, ten, it doesn’t matter. Once Rain dance is in play, you’re able to go crazy and break the game wide open.

Similarly, Blastoise EX has the Energy rain Pokepower which when combined with Holon’s cast from allows it to power expensive attacks of any energy type. This strategy was the main pillar for the success of the Blastoise/Lugia/Steelix deck in 2006 as it was the most powerful Pokemon card during the tournament.

In recent years, Blastoise has been the foundation of plenty of successful water decks including Jacob Van’s 2015 World Championship Victory in the Trading Card Game. It ranks high among the list of really good Pokemon cards.

9. Garbodor


Some Pokemon like Blastoise have a bit of an advantage because they’ve had several more years to print quality cards but Garbodor is the youngest on this list, providing some of the best Pokemon cards starting from as early as generation five.

If you’ve played the Pokemon trading card game over the last five or so years, you’re probably well familiar with one keyword – Garbotoxin. Why do they keep printing Garbodor cards with the Pokepower Garbotoxin? Well, essentially, it’s an ability that allows you to shut off all other abilities on the playing field. Because many decks rely on abilities to activate their strategies, Garbodor can completely shut them down, making these decks ineffective.

Although it might not be the most overpowered Pokemon cards, one thing that has pushed Garbodor to the next level is a brand-new threat – Trashalanche. This new ability punishes your opponents for playing item cards by dealing massive damage and has become the core of a brand-new deck type that many argue is the most powerful Pokemon card deck in recent times.

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8. Jirachi


Jirachi has always been a fantastic support Pokemon over the years with so many different tricks. In legends, Jirachi helped to evolve your other Pokemon. Similarly, Wishing Star Jirachi helped you draw important cards whereas Jirachi EX, one of the best Pokemon EX cards in the world, found supporter cards from your deck and Basic Jirachi discarded special energy.

There are so many helpful Jirachi cards with bizarre effect, but we’ll always have a soft spot for Undaunted’s Jirachi which had a combination of energy acceleration power and the ability to de-evolve all of your opponent’s cards with Time Hollow.

This card played a critical role in 2011’s Championship run. Just like the Pokemon lore, Jirachi does make your wishes come true, especially in a Pokemon trading card battle. This is why many players consider it to be the best Pokemon card in the world.

7. Dragonite


The original Dragonite Pokemon has a long history of different Pokemon cards, and it has seen a ton of success often through strong attacks and abilities that allowed it to work with energy cards. Team Rocket returned with Dark Dragonite paired with Dark Electrode to make a formidable combo in 2004, generating darkness energy and moving them around the board with dark trance.

Shortly after the success of this deck, it was banned from tournaments for being the strongest Pokemon card and the most OP Pokemon card, which was unfair for many players. The Metanite deck ruled from 2006-2007 which combined the delta Dragonite and delta Metagross for energy acceleration and huge damage. The anti-SP from FB Dragonite helped Yuta Komatsuda win the 2010 World Championship where SP Pokemon were incredibly popular.

Even using conventional strategies such as using the weaker, but frustrating ability deafen, has led Dragonite to regional Championship victories. There’s no doubt that it is one of the most widely popular and successful Pokemon cards over the past couple of years. Some even consider it to be a contender for the best Pokemon card in the world.

6. Darkrai


Darkrai is a weird Pokemon to put this high on the list. For one, there are a lot of weak Darkrai cards, as a matter of fact, most printed Darkrai cards are not even fit for competitive gaming. However, the Darkrai cards that have been decent have turned out to be insanely good contributing to a stranglehold on the tournament metagame for many years.

The first Darkrai EX was a true jack of all trades, providing retreat abilities in a support role and spread damage in an offensive role. It was truly the strongest Pokemon card during that era. Turbocharging this card with the Dark Patch Item card not only won Darkrai one Championship but was able to secure back-to-back Championship victories in 2012 and 2013.

In recent times, Darkrai has received a new EX card this time entirely built for firepower and increasingly powerful dark pulse attack. These new EX cards have made Darkrai one of the strongest EX Pokemon in TCG. Somehow just two cards have won Darkrai countless events over the last few years of TCG history and with an interesting new GX card coming around the corner, we likely haven’t seen the last of the night terror yet. Darkrai has the potential to easily become the best Pokemon card in the world if used correctly.

5. Flygon

There are two types of Flygon cards and generally both types have produced some good Pokemon cards in the past couple of years. The first is a common theme that you’ve heard often – Energy, where cards like legend Flygon EX and delta Flygon can quickly accelerate attacks. The second, and how Flygon is typically viewed, is nasty in between turn effects.

Delta Flygon EX can pile on damage counters in between turns, spreading damage to the bench and pounding it with psychic pulse attacks. We also saw similar damage spreading effect with the more recent Sand Slammer Flygon, piling on damage and then moving it with Dusknoir.

Flygon Level X, arguably the greatest Pokemon card of all time, forces your opponents to discard a card off of their deck in between each turn. Many players build decks around this ability alone, helping achieve the rare win condition by milling your opponent’s deck completely. Flygon Level X was also a great attacker against other Level X cards with the greatest attack name ever – Extreme Attack, making it the best real Pokemon card ever for many fans.

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4. Mew


Creating a list of the top ten best Pokemon cards without mentioning Mew would be a crime. Mew is one of the all-time most powerful cards in Pokemon and it’s also one of our personal favorites because its flavor extends directly from the game. Mew can learn almost every attack in the video games and Mew Pokemon cards are all about copying the attacks of other Pokemon cards on the field.

All of these Mews, in one way or another, saw massive competitive success while copying other attacks. Since you are limited to only four copies of a card in your deck, in many cases, these Mew Cards allowed players to duplicate attackers utilizing Mew as a proxy to more consistently share your deck’s main attack. This was probably most successfully done in the 2006 World Championship where Jason Klaczynski claimed victory with his Mew Pokemon deck.

Mew’s ability to copy Manectric’s Disconnect attack made it possible for you to lock your opponents away from their trainer cards for an entire game. With the right partner, Mew can virtually do almost anything to change the tides of battle. No wonder, it is always mentioned in lists as the best Pokemon card in the world.

3. Shining Mew

Shining Mew

Shining Mew, a card that many consider to be the best Pokemon card ever made. This card belongs to the delta species card which has the unique ability to give Pokemon unusual typing. The Shining Mew Pokemon card punishes opponents who rely upon the same type of cards. One of the attacks of the Shining Mew card allows it to deal massive damage to all Pokemon of the same type in the opponent’s deck.

At the same time, Shining Mew also boasts another powerful special attack that allows it to mimic the abilities of an opponent’s Pokemon card. However, in order to do so, the player must have the same type of energy card utilized by the opponent’s Pokemon card. Many kids and fans of the animated series believe Shing Mew to be among the coolest Pokemon cards and we can’t seem to disagree with this statement.

2. Rayquaza

If it wasn’t for the next guy on this list, Rayquaza would have been the most Powerful Pokemon card in the world. Rayquaza often comes with abilities to move or generate energy onto itself, making those big costs a lot more reasonable to deal with. Rayquaza is just such a consistently good card. It is easily the highest damage Pokemon card in TCG.

While it isn’t always self-sufficient, it always seems to find a willing partner. For example, Rayquaza partnered up with Deoxy’s legend to find the perfect home in David Cohen’s 2011 world-winning on-board deck.

In recent times, you’ve probably seen the successful variants that revolve around the flexible and powerful emerald Mega Rayquaza card which in combination with the Sky Field stadium trainer card, can easily rip your opponents for over 200 damage without the need for discarding high energy that you always see in Charizard cards today. There is a reason why so many people have labeled it the best Pokemon card of all time.

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1. Gardevoir


Although it isn’t exactly a Pokemon that does 1000 damage, in our opinion, Gardevoir is still the best Pokemon card in the world. Gardevoir is the complete Pokemon TCG package, contributing to a variety of world championship caliber decks over the years.

While in general, just having a ton of good high-quality cards. The very first generation of Gardevoir cards were extremely good in their era giving us a combination of energy acceleration and an EX-ability that hit for massive damage. Secret’s Gardevoir is hands down one of the strongest Pokemon cards ever printed in the history of the Pokemon Trading Game, combing a power that allows you to copy your opponents playing supporter cards and an unforgiving attack – Psychic lock. This attack shuts down your opponent’s power, similar to the Garbotoxin ability of the Garbodor Pokemon card mentioned earlier.

Gardevoir’s relentless abilities enabled it to reach the master’s World Championship finals twice and were even bolstered by Gardevoir Level X giving your psychic lock Gardevoir more HP, a switching ability, and the potential attack to instantly knock out the weakest Pokemon on the playing field. It is without a doubt, the strongest Pokemon card in the Trading card game!

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