Crusader Kings 2 Cheats – The Complete List

Crusader Kings 2 Cheats – The Complete List

Do you have enough passion, skills, and patience to become a Crusader King? Maybe you are playing the game only to test your skills out for yourself. This grand strategy is one great free-to-play game that gives just as much emotional and mental reward as its paid counterparts. But it’s not its free nature that wins the hearts of gamers. Rather, the game is loved because of the complex interaction between societies, religions, cultures, and empires.

Crusader Kings 2 cheats make the decisions and strategies a lot easier for you.

Let’s learn more about different types of Crusader Kings 2 cheats and how you can use them.

Cheats and Commands

In order to use the cheat codes, first, you must open the console commands panel by pressing the ~ button (the key above TAB) and then enter these cheats to produce their respective effects.

  • cash – Gain 5000 gold

  • piety – Gain 5000 piety

  • prestige – Gain 5000 prestige

  • age <char-id> +/-(#) – Add or subtract years to the specified character’s age

  • add_learning <char-id> +/-(#) – Add to or subtract from a character’s learning attribute

  • add_martial <char-id> +/-(#) – Add to or subtract from a character’s martial attribute

  • add_intrigue <char-id> +/-(#) – Add to or subtract from a character’s intrigue attribute

  • add_stewardship <char-id> +/-(#) – Add to or subtract from a character’s stewardship attribute

  • add_diplomacy <char-id> +/-(#) – Add to or subtract from a character’s diplomacy attribute

  • add_trait [trait name] [ID] – Adds the desired trait to the specified character

  • neg_diplo – Make an effort at diplomacy that will be rejected

  • observe – Player becomes an observer, with characters now under control by AI

  • culture <enter culture here> – Modify your character’s culture

  • religon <enter sect here> – Modify your character’s religion

  • clear – Clear the console

  • fow – Disables or enables fog of war effect

  • claim <title> <char-id> – Grant the chosen character a claim on the specified title

  • give_title <title> <char-id> – Give the chosen character the title specified

  • pollinate female char-id male char-id – Impregnates the specified female character, by the specified male character

  • event 450 female char id – Initiates a mistress event between the specified female courtier and a male liege

  • kill (character ID) – Kills the specified character

  • marry_anyone – Marriage is possible even between anyone, even close members of a family

  • allow_laws – Laws are set without a delay for a vote

  • move char id – Move the selected character to your court (rulers excluded)

  • discover_plots – Plots are always discovered (enter cheat again to disable effect)

  • help – Displays the message “No help for you!”

  • imprison <char-id>(prisoner) <char-id>(jailer) – Specified character is placed within jailer’s dungeon as a prisoner

  • remove_trait [trait name] [ID] – Removes the trait indicated from the specified character

  • play [ID] – Player now controls the specified character

  • neg_opinion [hater ID] [hated ID] – The first ID suddenly has a beef with the second ID

  • charinfo 1 – Reveal additional character info

crusader kings 2 console commands

Types of Crusader Kings 2 Cheats

There are two different types of Crusader Kings 2 Cheats. The first type is known as CK2 console commands; while the other types refer to ck2 event cheats. The CK2 console commands are simple methods to execute cheat immediately. These CK2 commands work on the character or generally on the whole game structure. Most of these commands need an input of CK2 character ID.

Event cheats are different. They are used to trigger events that further the game or strategy of the player. Note that some of these events are switches, which means they can be executed and then reversed.

Crusader Kings 2 Console Commands

Let’s start with console commands which allow changing the character’s skill, traits, and resources. These cheats fall into numerous categories. You can use them to change a character’s traits, religion, culture, diplomacy, and learning level.

The format of inputting these Crusader Kings 2 cheats is as follows:

Add_[insert property here] [insert character ID here][insert -/# to add or subtract the property]

Another format for inserting Crusader Kings2 cheats to add or remove trait is:

[insert resource here][insert -/# to add or subtract the property]

Instead of increasing or decreasing certain traits, you can also use Crusader Kings II cheats to change a trait altogether. For example, you can use change culture cheat to change a character’s culture. At the same time, you can use a change religion cheat to change the religion of the character of your choice. However, in these cheats, you have to know and use the religion ID or culture ID of your character’s next move.

Here is the format of using these CKII cheats using an example of culture cheat:

Culture[insert character ID here][insert culture ID here]

Interestingly, you can also increase the power of your character making them capable of an instant build of a project. (Pro tip: the cheat is quickbuild!)

These console commands also allow the player to enter into CK2 debug mode. Once there, they can clear all the cheats they are previously installed into the game, see the character’s page, and bring changes in characters being played.

Crusader Kings 2 Event Cheats

Now you have defined your character and your territory and people with religions, culture, and other traits. Now is the time to win war and execute other diplomatic interactions. The following Crusader Kings 2 cheats will help you with these developments.

These CK2 cheats can change various events such as Crusader Kings 2 remove trait cheat can prompt you to remove a particular trait of your character.

These cheats are mostly relevant to inducing an event, as is apparent from its name. Some events which help proceed with your game include inducing sickness or killing a character. For the second one of these CK2 AGoT cheats, you have to input the Character ID of the victim together with the event ID.

Although murder, sickness, and change trait cheats are most common among events, you also have a myriad of other cheats. The most prominent of these are CK2 change government cheat, CK2 win war cheat, and CK2 technology cheat.

The last of these three cheats represent a cluster of different cheats that relate to change in technology through development or theft. It can also relate to receiving a military bonus on account of development in the past period.

Wrap Up

Crusader Kings 2 is a complex and intricate game that features the historic grand strategy of the Medieval dynasty. You use hundreds of diplomatic interactions between societies, territories, cultures, and religions to build your empire and influence.

Success in this game depends on how much time and passion you are willing to put. But you can get faster success if you want. And Crusader Kings 2 cheats allow you to do just that. You can choose from two different types of cheats. One of them is applied to characters’ traits and resources while the other influences characters’ moves.

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