Disco Elysium Walkthrough 【Hints, Tips & FAQs】

Disco Elysium Walkthrough 【Hints, Tips & FAQs】

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How to find certain characters and advance the story.

Disco Elysium is a real role-playing game and is a lot of fun. It can be difficult to know what to do and when. As long as we get free advice on spoilers, they won’t give us an honest answer. The hardest thing about a game like Disco Elysium is that you can approach it so often that there’s no better way to play it, especially considering how skills affect the chances of success in different quests.

To this end, we’ve put together a handy FAQ and a mini-story jump to help you get answers to your questions about the game.

In order not to spoil the game too much, you can use the accordion below to locate areas of the game where you need help.

There are no big scary roles, but there are some unexpected surprises that aren’t scary – like turning off the screen or something else. There’s no fight. The whole game is about the text. So even if you have a gun, you can’t use it until the game wants it. The game is a fight.

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The first night your partner will help you pay if it’s too late and you don’t have the money. Many NPCs give you money to rent the first night, including a lady on a West Pine boat. Until you open the Kuno hut or the hut in the fishing village, you have to pay 25 dollars per night for a dormitory. You can do this by taking Everett’s gift card, packing your suitcase or looting places like an abandoned shopping mall.

You have about seven days before the trial. It’s the only time-limited event. In court, you had to explore every dialogue route with the Hardy Boys and get a gun. The game will warn you when you approach that this will happen if you have not received your weapon yet. If you don’t have a weapon by then, you can still survive, but it will be much harder. The process goes automatically when you find Ruby. Thank me first.

On the third day look for the sunken car on the west side of the map and see how the tide retreats. Your I.D.’s here.

You must complete the search for Everett, and he will give you a gun behind the fishing village. The first time you can get a gun is on Wednesday. If it doesn’t look good for Ruby, you can have her gun, too.

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At the end of the first night you will find a pair of shoes on the balcony of the hostel.

It’s behind the mural. You don’t have a chance to find them until you show them the ball in the fishing cabin. Once you’ve found them, the court will automatically come to the next hearing. In his last bad shape, you get a gun.

You can listen to your partner’s advice and ask a group of three tramps to sign the document and sign it instead. It used to be on Wednesdays. Try to do it before 7:00 so you have time to pick up your weapon.

The armor rooms look like this: Boots: They’re lying on a corpse. You must collect the body, perform an autopsy at the crime scene and return without a partner to re-examine where you took off your shoes. Then we’ll have to clean up in the kitchen. Gloves: Fishing village. The girl in the cabin will tell you she buried them. The helmet: On the island, the last place you’ll visit. Pants: She doesn’t exist.

It’s a maze. Select options until you get them. When he’s done, Egghead says okay. This is the prerequisite for finding the programmer.

There are two cases where you’re alone. One when he brings the body back, and the other every night when you go to bed, he lies down and leaves you alone.

There is no peaceful way out. Either you eliminate the mercenaries, you can’t. Some Hardy Boys will be pulled out if you can’t get them out fast enough. Your partner could get hurt. You’re gonna get hurt. You have to hide your armor so you can’t get in. It’s best to approach him with his armor and weapon. This is the fifth day. If your partner gets hurt, Cuno has the possibility to become your partner the next day.

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You have two options. Think about how you feel during the interview or take a physical test. Measure head will take you to the shipping area if you have access to the main syndicate.

There’s an investigation at the crime scene. Put the body down. Do an autopsy. Then you have to talk to the head of the union to get access to Tidus, who will send you to Klaasie and others to talk to him. Then you understand the need to talk to Ruby. On Wednesdays, you can go to the fishing village. You’ll find a ball in the cabin where the laundress lets you sleep. He’ll let you examine the fur. Behind the mural, you’ll find Ruby’s path. Ruby has two conditions: an escape or a bad end for her, you can allow both. There will be a trial on the fifth day. I think it could be before the 7th. The first day is before he enters a state of denial, but it is better that most of the story is over on the fifth day. You can continue the side missions after that, but the main story ends after court. The only way to keep making progress is to go to the island, and some NPCs will disappear, so if you haven’t completed your side missions, it’s over. Then you go to the island, and the game ends.

On the third day, Wednesday, you go to church. Keep going inside until the man on the rafters appears. Then ask him for the password.

Other secondary tasks include more information about trucks. Find your ID card. The Raven Church in a tent. Kuno is a kind of parallel process, with a state of failure (he won’t talk to you anymore). A stranger on the balcony of the apartment. This leads to the LGBTQ version of the game.

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The man on the balcony asks you to meet him after a while. If you find him, he’ll run away and introduce you to his friend. Then you can meet him at the dorm. He gives you the idea of a homosexual agenda, and when you’re done with him, your character can explore a small relationship with him.

It’s another world trapped in a Russian novel. The fans thought it was a limbo game, they might be right. We can’t draw any conclusions about Harry’s ex, except why he’s gone this far.

The end comes as soon as you start your journey to the island. You meet the real killer there and you can talk to the bug. The real ending looks like this: Harry got drunk. He pawned a shotgun after he drove his car in the snow. He wakes up in a dorm without knowing who he is or where he is. He meets Kim, and they start a local murder investigation. The victim is a mercenary hired by West Pines because the union went on strike, so their supply line isn’t working until the strike is over. Harry reveals pieces of his past as he explores the city. Eventually, he discovers that the victim wasn’t hanged, but shot. While looking for this evidence, he discovered he was shot while having an affair with a local man. She takes turns showing Harry someone very close to him. After he finds Ruby, Harry returns to the center of town, where he sits in a court of various degrees of causality. Harry and Kim, who were injured after this incident, were ordered to go to a place they couldn’t find. There they find the shooter’s point of view, then they find the former communist who fired the shot. He didn’t leave the island for long because he was under the influence of Cryptid, who drove a revolutionary to madness. When you go back to the island, you’ll find your team that you’ve asked to sit next to you and tell them all about what you’ve done – your successes, failures, etc. – and how you did it. There’s only one side. The discovery of the cryptid is the only optional part. It is your partners who raise the issue of previous decisions and give their opinion on them.

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