Don’t Feed the Monkeys Guide【 Tips & Tricks 2021】

Don’t Feed the Monkeys Guide【 Tips & Tricks 2021】

Do Not Feed the Monkeys is a fantastic game with lots of content and challenges for you. It’s beautiful and difficult at the same time, and I’m here today to have some common ground with Feeding Monkeys Not with Tips in the full race guide. This is not a pass for everyone and we don’t go into full training mode for every cell. I’d rather share some tips and tricks with you. Don’t feed the monkeys, so you can always do everything yourself.

I’ve already published a number of content related to this game, which is gradually becoming one of my favorites, so don’t forget to check them out as well: You can start with my Do Not Feed the Monkeys review, a guide to get all the endings of the game, or a guide to unlock all achievements.

Now that we’ve covered everything, we’ll go ahead and look under a couple of ‘s. Don’t give the monkeys tricks and tips!

1. Find out at what time of day monkeys are active in certain cells
All cells – or at least most – follow the same daily routine. Every day they start working at the same time, and if you give them a little attention, it’s easy to know their calendar and be online at the right time. Playing a game with a real laptop to record certain data can also be useful in long-term planning.

Take advantage of the fact that you can focus on two different channels at the same time and switch from one channel to the other if two things happen at the same time. What interests you the most is to click on the yellow words to start some puzzles and do your research.

And even if you’re not in a hurry to find out everything about every cell you’ve unlocked, you’ll get questions from the club and can only answer them if you’ve unlocked the answer in the game.

2. Do not ignore your hunger and health
Although you will never die of fatigue (because you will fall asleep anyway), you may die of hunger or ill health. That is why you should always keep an eye on these indicators and make sure they are at least halfway through the process.

You should try to eat as much food as possible to promote health and also reduce hunger, because this is the safest bet in the world. They are expensive and you have to eat a lot, so mix them with high starvation rates.

From time to time toy shops offer all kinds of promotions and discounts. Always use them and only try to buy if you have discounts to save your money. There are also activities in the game that can help you optimise your food intake, such as when a driver (a caged spy) enters your shop.

3. Always get items from the postman (unless you’re working on a specific service)
From time to time the postman brings a package for someone else, but you can claim it. If you don’t play the good guy (see Tip 4), you should always receive these treats, because they can usually be sold for a little extra cash or give you some kind of bonus.

But if you get the medicine, don’t sell it, because that would lead directly to a bad outcome.

4. You determine the fate of the plant
Somewhere on the second day of the game you will receive the plant from two visitors. This plant will stay with you for a while, and your actions in the game will determine its fate. If you are good and take good positive actions, if you are a good neighbor and generally a good person, the plant will grow.

On the other hand, if you feel bad and do bad things in your life, and in terms of cellular interactions, the plant will not do well. It is up to you to decide how to treat it and to know that there are achievements related to this plant.

5. Don’t forget to answer question
. The club will send you questions which you will be asked to answer on the topics covered in the cages. Usually you have a few days to find the answer – so if you haven’t found it yet, you should have enough time to find it.

But don’t forget the questions in your mailbox and answer them in time to receive your reward. I think it also affects the kind of ending you get at the end of the game, so focus on that first.

6. Always pay rent (also called work!)
There are many ways to supplement your winnings in the game, many of which are the result of your interaction with the monkeys. We won’t talk about them because they’re generally not reliable and you won’t have much control over them until later.

But what you control is the job. Every day you will receive three vacancies, all of which will be posted at your door. Try to fill them in during the working hours indicated in the note, while trying not to miss important things that happen in the cells. It takes a bit of planning, but it’s easy to do. Also be careful when ordering fast food before you go to work, otherwise you will lose the package.

Work hard enough to get money for food and pay your rent on time (you don’t want to be evicted, do you?) – but nothing more. You don’t need money for everything else in the game, especially if you want to keep interaction to a minimum, so don’t exaggerate. But pay your rent on time!

7. Play the game and repeat the game several times
The game has different potential stories and different achievements and endings that cannot be completed or unlocked at once.

So you’ll have to repeat the game several times – up to several times if you really want to see and try everything. The advantage is that each time you play, you get a slightly different experience – which is actually quite fun, so make sure you try again (or twice) after you finish the game for the first time.

My general guideline will be not to feed the monkeys. I am currently working on a guide for each of the cells with which you can communicate, and if there is interest in such articles, I will publish them as well. Let me know if you want to read too!

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