Warframe Guide 【Equinox Build 2021】

Warframe Guide 【Equinox Build 2021】

The equinox is a dual personality, similar to the warframe, which becomes two totally different warframes depending on the shape it chooses, choosing between the day version and the night version.It is a unique weapon because it can transform itself into another form, giving it new possibilities it can use.

How to reach the equinox? Equality of rights

Details and drawings of the equinox can be obtained by defeating Tyla Regor during the Titanic mission on Uranus.Instead of growing the parts, you can buy Equinox for 325 platinum.Equinox premium
Equinox Prime is a basic version of Equinox and has a lot of health, armour and energy.Relics containing the equinox:

  • Drawing: Consolidated:: K5 axles
  • Neuropathy: Violent: N° : Meso M3
  • Chassis: Consolidated: Not available : M4 Lighting
  • Systems: Consolidated:: Meso E2

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The equinox has the ability to switch from one form to another, to stun or weaken enemies, to reduce enemy damage or dampen allies, to protect allies or to inflict intense damage on enemies.His passive capacity is balanced, which means he gets 10% more energy and health when he gets energy or health balls.When the equinox also becomes a day/night form, their possibilities change.

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1) Metamorphosis
The metamorphoses cause the equinoxes to become a day or night for which their capacities change.Nocturnal uniform: He gets an extra shield and armor when he switches to a night uniform.Daily uniform: It causes damage and increases the speed at which you switch to daylight viewing.This ability is important when they go from one mould to another to adapt their skills to the skills the user wants to use in the casting process.It also becomes necessary when the user can use different effects at a certain time by doing this ad hoc.(equinox in figure below)
(equinox in figure below)

Upgrade : Causes the appearance of another meal for a long period of time, with 300% being treated at the same time as several other increases.2) Peace and Anger
Nocturnal uniform: The target falls asleep with all other enemies within range of the enemy on which the power was launched.Killing enemies who were unaware of an ability when it was active will result in immediate killing in the unseen.Daily uniform: Forces enemies to inflict additional damage and increase their speed.Using this ability can make a big difference in missions, from using sleep to gain great affinity, to secret assassinations to gain control of crowds in areas.Anger will cause additional damage to the enemies, not only by the equinox, but also by their allies.(The picture below shows the enemies that fell asleep after the equinox, and cast off calm and anger)
(The image below shows the rest and the anger during the formation of the equinox)

Upgrade : Killing the enemy will lead them to the consequences of the peace and the anger they suffer, to their allies.3) Soothe and provoke
Nocturnal uniform: Assigns energy to the enemy to limit the damage.Daily uniform: Increases the strength of a team.This ability either weakens the enemies so that you and your unit suffer less damage, or increases the strength of the whole unit to improve its abilities.(The image below shows the equinox of rest and anger)
(The image below shows the rest and the anger during the formation of the equinox)

Upgrade : Slows down enemies when allies inflict damage and increases power when an enemy is killed within range of power.4) Tying and mutilation
Nocturnal uniform: Heal Equinox and his team are based on enemies killed from a deactivation distance.Daily uniform: It causes enemies to bleed and allows the equinox to build up damage based on enemies dying of cuts in that area, so it can deal with all the damage when the power is off.This ability is ideal for healing your team or treating devastating damage to your enemies.In broad daylight, this ability adapts well to the crowd and creates a hole on the equinox through which it can kill enemies to accumulate cutting damage which is then distributed to the enemies in the area.

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(The image below shows the equinox for Pacify & Provoke casting)
(The image below shows the equinox of the day that activates the Pacifier & Provoke function)
(The figure below shows the equinox with Pacify & Provoke switched off)

Upgrade : By transferring energy, Equinox can save accumulated loads, regardless of shape changes.Proposed buildingsDouble building
Duality focuses on the equinox and uses a different form to fight enemies.Her other form will help her to do a lot of damage in battle, depending on what she has in exercising this ability.The reason why the equinox has become fashionable to improve their health and protection is that another form can also benefit from it.This design works well in many situations, from inflicting additional damage to enemy groups or leaders to conquering enemies in arenas or on the index finger.(The figure below shows the equinox and its duality clone in the index)
Maim Efficiency Building
This design focuses on the deployment of the cripple where he has a large range, allowing him to eliminate a large area, and where all the enemies inside bleed and eventually die, increasing his charge.Kill enemies with a single blow, including the ability itself, you can stack up a lot of damage, and once released – to deal with devastating damage over a large area.This building is suitable for those who like to use a cutting line or a melee weapon, and will allow them to clean large areas without shedding sweat.The lower power of the capacity is compensated by greater efficiency, which allows more damage to be stored from the trench.Because of the large range, crowd control is also given.(The figure below shows the equinox releasing a load for a head injury)
Main power supply
The same as the previous building, except that it consumes more electricity, but is more resistant to greater damage.This construction will increase the damage as a result of the initial bleeding effect of the capacity and also the damage as a result of the capacity reductions taken.(The picture below shows the equinox with mutilation activated, killing enemies)
This construction is more suitable for support, but can also be used in some situations to damage the enemy, even if its range is somewhat limited.The Allies will have a significantly greater capacitance force, making the armament very powerful near the equinox.(The figure below shows how the equinoctial buffering of itself and its allies takes place)
The equinox is very useful and creative, depending on the available skills and how the user wants to use them, he can easily determine the result of the mission or even speed it up.Day mode focuses on damage, while night mode focuses on healing and stopping.Once a person has become accustomed to using all the skills, he or she can actually go from one form to another and use different skills, which gives him or her a lot of control in the mission.The Equinox is truly a unique framework for warfare and, thanks to its adaptability, can be used in different types of missions.More gaming content:Pokemon Emerald CheatsPokemon Platinum Cheats warframe equinox build 2019,equinox prime

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