Warframe Cryotic Farm Guide 2021 【Methods & Locations】

Warframe Cryotic Farm Guide 2021 【Methods & Locations】

Cryotic will immediately freeze anything in contact with if found in extremely unfavorable conditions. Rating

The seemingly limitless possibilities of freezing this precious resource should be treated with caution.


Cryotic is used to make many products, and some parts of the framework require a lot of work. This resource differs from other resources and does not fall from its enemies, but is extracted during excavations. Where is the Cryotic grown?

Excavation orders


The Cryotic can be purchased with every excavation mission and is rewarded on the basis of the number of shovels that have completed the excavations. Apart from the rotation rewards, it makes no difference where you go on a dig mission, except with the enemies and the planet you’re on. How can critical products be grown?


When work begins, you must go to the excavation site to summon the excavator. As soon as the excavator is called, the digging process begins and the enemies go there to attack it. Read also: Tellurium agriculture

Protection of earthmoving machinery


You must ensure that the excavator survives the excavation, otherwise, you will not get the full amount of Cryotic. In the case of the destruction of a dredger, only the amount corresponding to the percentage completed shall be indicated. Maintenance


The excavators will eventually stop and stop the extraction process. It is up to you or your team to collect the batteries dropped by the enemies they collect. Once you have received the power element, take it to the extractor hood to increase its power so that it can complete the extraction. Successful excavations


When the excavator has finally finished collecting Cryotic , the collected amount will be made available as a source.


As soon as the first excavator is ready, you can leave the mission or continue digging in the next section. Best place for Cryotic farm

The choice of a cryotic farm is up to you and depends on what you want, with the exception of cryogenics.

There are several excavations, and they take place on most planets. It’s up to you to decide where you want the farm because you can always get Cryotic, no matter which digs mission you choose. Determining a location based on the planet’s resources can be a good way to conserve this resource in cryogenic agriculture.



For those who simply want to be cryptic, the earth is a good place to stay for a while and the enemies are very weak. You and your team can stay indifferent rounds (1 kick = 1 round). Jerakon

Those who want to do more than criticize usually go to Jerakon for relics and other means. The enemies here are a bit strong and become more deadly as the mission progresses.

Cryotic is used for a lot of drawings, and there may come a time when you need a lot. If you carry out several dig missions every now and then, you can receive not only essential rewards and resources but also different rewards and resources depending on the mission and the planet you are on. For more information on resource management, click here to see the different ways resources can be managed and a guide to what can be used to manage resources effectively.

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