Mount and Blade Warband Cheats – All PC Cheats/Secrets

Mount and Blade Warband Cheats – All PC Cheats/Secrets

If you are reading this article, it is understandable that you are a huge Mount and Blade fan. The strategy action game’s expansion pack is known for its worldly features and war-strategies. Also, you can develop your kingdom using strategic devices, alliances, and combats.

Soon, you will get the desire to build your empire quickly. You may want to develop your inventory and get involved in as many combats as it practical. However, you may find limitations in pursuing your expansion dreams because of limitations on resources. Mount and Blade Warband cheats help you get past these limitations.

Mount and Blade Warband Cheats

Here is a complete list of all the cheats available for Mount and Blade Warband. Before using these cheats you first have to click on “Allow Cheats” in the Config menu to make them operational.

  • In the inventory, it gives you 1,000 Gold – CTRL + X
  • Knock out all of your troops – CTRL + SHIFT + F6
  • Knock out one of your troops – CTRL + F6
  • 1,000 Experience Point Bonus – CTRL + X
  • Add 10 points to weapon proficiency – CTRL + W
  • AI Fights For You – CTRL + F5
  • Full Health – CTRL + H
  • Kill Enemy Automatically – CTRL + F4
  • See All Parties – CTRL + T
  • Slow Motion – CTRL + F9
  • Teleport Party to Cursor – CTRL + Left Click
  • Hurt Yourself – CTRL + F3
  • Hurt Allies – CTRL + F3
  • CTRL+H – Full Health
  • CTRL+Shift+H – Full Horse Health
  • Ctrl+Alt+F4 – Knock out enemy troops
  • CTRL+F11 – Stop time
  • CTRL+Space – Fast Forward

Some players in this game pursue a natural hierarchy. They develop their empire, face enemies, gain resources, and then further expand.

However, at times, they want a quick solution or progress. Why wouldn’t they? The dream of a developed empire and kingdom is just too alluring to ignore.

Mount and Blade Warband cheats allow you to select your ideal character, earn money, and battle without fail. In short, they help you in every part of the game.

But how do you apply them?

Here is a quick guide!

warband cheatsActivating Mount and Blade cheats

By default, your game is configured to not allow Mount and Blade cheats. So, when you decide to cheat, you have to enable the cheat menu Mount and Blade to allow using these M&B Warband cheats for Mount and Blade Warband. You can enable Mount and Blade Warband console commands by following a simple process:

  • Go to the game launcher.
  • From there, select the option for configuration. There you can check the Enable Cheat option.
  • After completing this pre-game-launch step, you have to head to the developer console.  You can use Ctrl + ~ command to do that. Once there, you have to type cheatmenu to get access to the Warband cheat menu. It will help you with getting inventory items and adding special features to your character.
  • Most of the keyboards have this ~ (tilde) key. However, if yours doesn’t have one, you can use the alternative method.
  • Head over to the installation folder of the game.
  • Click the folder named ‘modules’ twice. Then go into the ‘native’ folder.
  • There, open the file with the name ‘menu.txt
  • Search for this line: mno_tutorial_cheat 1 31 2 1 0.
  • Now, replace 0 with 1.
  • Before you use any of these processes, note that these steps can corrupt saved files. Create a backup before you allow cheats.

Character Selection

One of the most used Mount and Blade Warband PC cheats relates to character selection. You can use these Warband console commands at the start of the new game.

When you choose the first town, you use this cheat from the cheat option you will see during selection. When you click on this option, you are presented with the option to give your character some powerful features. This way, you wouldn’t have to earn these features rather you can start the game with the right properties.

The Mount and Blade Warband cheats at the start of the game will allow you to equip your character with the choice of getting any item and the right to rule among other options.

Character Import/Export

One of the easy Mount and Blade commands that allow you to get as much as you want for your character lies in using the character import and export route. You don’t have to enable the Mount and Blade Warband cheat menu to accomplish these M&B cheats. However, enabling this menu is a safety process you shouldn’t ignore.

How do you carry out this Mount and Blade Warband money cheat? Here is the step by step process:

When you have developed the character, you have to go to the ‘Statistics’ menu from the character sheet.

Select the export option; then, minimize the game window.

Then in your operating system, go to the Documents folder. Head to Mount and Blade Warband folder; then, open the character folder from there.

Enter into the file of your character and change money and skill constructs.

Once you have changed the values, you have to go to the game menu and in the character sheet, choose import character.


You have just created all the character constructs according to your wish.

Mound and Blade Commands for Battle

The most important construct that keeps you alive in the game is health. Unsurprisingly, it quickly deteriorates during battle.

The following Mount and Blade Warband cheats help you heal you and your horse respectively:

  • Ctrl + H and
  • Ctrl + Shift + H

You can also harm your opponent on the battlefield using the following Mount and Blade Warband cheats PC:

  • Ctrl + F4 harms one enemy; while, Ctrl + Alt + F4 harms every enemy.

You can also test out the intelligence of AI on your character by allowing computer intelligence to manage your character. You can do it with one of the most unconventional Mount and Blade Viking conquest cheats. Use Ctrl + F5 to hand over the reign of your character to AI.

Wrap Up

This article detailed different Mount and Blade Warband cheats to enable Warband god mode for your character. You now know the most luxurious Mount and Blade Warband gold cheat and the method to get into the cheats menu Mount and Blade. Note that other than these cheats, the game also allows some interesting cheats such as Warband teleport.

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