Pokemon Black Cheats 【Complete list】

Pokemon Black Cheats 【Complete list】

The role of cheats in the gameplay can not be irrespective of what kind of game it is. Without cheats, games are unable to play their role as a source of fun for the children and especially the teenagers. Therefore, almost every player of the game likes to know and apply the cheats that can make their gameplay not only easy but also full of fun & perfection.

As far as Pokemon black was one of the more recent entries into the classic era of Pokemon games. In this article, we are going to talk about cheats & how to use them. If it was cheating you were looking for then you’re in the right place. Here is the complete list of cheat codes for this game.

All cheats are Listed Below:

Action replay codes:

When we are discussing the codes of Pokemon black that are most frequently used, the name of Pokemon black action replay codes can not be neglected. Action replay is most commonly used by the players to apply various cheat codes for their gameplay.

In order to apply Pokemon black ar codes, what you need to do is simply connect the USB with the computer as well as the action replay cartridge at the same time. After successfully connecting them, you can simply copy and paste your required cheat code to your computer and save it. Then you can use it any time you want. Not all but some of the cheat codes that can be applied through action replay are mentioned below. And these cheats are also known as cheat codes action replay.

  • Walkthrough walls
  • Rare candies
  • No random battles
  • Increased walking speed
  • Infinity cash
  • Pokemon modifier

Now we will discuss these cheats in detail.

Rare candy cheats:

When you are playing this game, rare candies are one of the most effective and amazing items. And rare candy cheats are also among the frequently used Pokemon black cheat codes. You can acquire as many rare candies as you want with the help of this cheat code. The rare candies enable you to level up your Pokemon. As we know that leveling up of Pokemon makes it stronger and capable of winning most of the battles. In this way, you can win comparatively more battles and you can progress at a faster rate in the game. That’s why the majority of the players prefer this one of the Pokemon black action replay codes.

No random battles:

pokemon black cheat codes

No random battles are also one of the popular and effective Pokemon black emulator cheats. Once you have enabled this cheat, the chances of your game progress and victories are enhanced up to a remarkable extent. You can use this cheat code either with the help of an emulator or through action replay. If you are using an emulator, you can simply save this cheat code by copy-paste the method in the options of your emulator. Thus, whenever you need to activate this code, you can simply click the option under which you saved this cheat code. Hence, the method of activation of this cheat code gets very simple and easy.

Encounter cheat codes:

In the gameplay of Pokemon black, your progress depends upon the encounters and battle wins. The more you encounter and win the battles, the more will be the progress. So, Pokemon black encounter codes carry great importance. Just like other cheats, you can save these cheats as well in your emulator. And whenever you face any Pokemon, you can enable the encounter cheat by pressing the option where you saved the cheat code. It is necessary to mention here that the encounter cheats also cover the Pokemon black shiny codes.

So, we can say that encounter cheats are also among the most efficient as well as important cheats.

Unlimited PP:

Unlimited PP cheat also comes under the list of codes that are worth trying.  And this is because it enhances the effectiveness and performance of your gameplay.

PP stands for power points in the Pokemon games. Power points determine how many times your Pokemon can make a certain move. Higher the power points for a move, the more you can make that move and vice versa. Once the power points of a move are ended up, you are unable to use that move anymore. That’s why, if you are playing Pokemon black, you must try this cheat. You will certainly enjoy applying this cheat.

Pokemon Black Cheats 2021:

Here are all the cheats for Pokemon Black that still work guaranteed.


Infinite Cash

Get infinite amounts of money!

  • 94000130 FFFB0000
    0223CDAC 0098967F
    D2000000 00000000

No Random Battles

Avoid any random encounters outside.

  • 94000130 FFFB0000
    2223D6DD 000000FF
    D2000000 00000000

Walkthrough walls

pokemon black action replay codes

One of the most popular cheats in the whole game series, it enables you to walk through walls and avoid having to travel long distances. Pres L & A to enable the cheats while L & B to disable it. Use wisely as it may cause glitches in some areas where you may get stuck while attempting to walk through them.

  • 94000130 fdfc0002

  • 1216398e 00000200

  • d2000000 00000000

  • 94000130 fdfd0000

  • 1216398e 00001c20

  • d2000000 00000000

  • 94000130 000002dc

  • 94000136 fffc0000

  • 0224f90c 00000185

  • 0224f910 030e8000

  • 0224f914 00000000

  • 0224f918 02ed8000

  • 038090e0 eb9fe7c7

  • d2000000 00000000

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Master balls cheats:

Master Balls are the items used in this game to catch the rare Pokemons. In the game, players can use the master balls or they can save them for use in the future when they come across the shiny Pokemon. That’s why, higher the number of balls, the more will be the chances of catching the rare Pokemons. Catching a greater number of rare Pokemons will certainly enhance the progress of your game. Thus, the players can increase their rank rapidly. Mater ball cheat is also included in the action replay cheats.

Pokemon black desmume:

Now we will talk about the ds cheats. As we know desmume is an emulator specially designed for ds games. And you can use this emulator for Pokemon black as well. The process of activation of the cheats is similar to that of the other emulators. You can use the cheats by simply clicking on them after you have saved them. The cheats you save and activate on this emulator may also include the cheats for Pokemon black rom.

Pokemon Black Cheats

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If you play the Pokemon black or have a plan to play it, you can improve your gameplay remarkably by having some knowledge about the cheats. You can use the cheats as mentioned above. However, in addition to these cheats, you can also try Pokemon white cheats. All these cheats that will certainly enhance your gameplay up to the mark. And you will enjoy playing the game.

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