Pokemon Crystal Cheats – Complete List

Pokemon Crystal Cheats – Complete List

Pokemon crystal gameshark codes make the use of cheats really easy. You will find all the cheats that you would need over here. Not just the cheat codes but instructions along with it as well. These cheats and instructions will definitely make you explore those levels of Pokemon that would keep you hooked to the game even more.

All these codes will enable as many master balls as you want, these pokemon crystal codes will make walking through walls possible, allow you to meet any Pokemon you desire, lift your stats, and a lot more.  Apart from that, the collection of ROM cheats you will find over here are not just limited to casual ones. Instead, you will find some very surprising and unusual cheats over here that you won’t find anywhere else on the web.

Find the codes listed below.

Pokemon Crystal Rare cadies:

The best thing about the above-mentioned rare cadies codes is that some of them failed to work on Pokemon crystal fan games but not on this version. Coming on another cheats which is master ball cheat. This master ball cheat code is really simple and there is no rocket science needed in it. All you need to do is enter the correct code. After entering the pokemon crystal cheats master ball, go to the market, and buy as many master balls as you would want or like. These master codes work wonders when it comes to reaching the highest level of Pokemon games.

Not just that, if you are stuck in a battle and can’t run away from it no matter how hustle you are making for it. Then no need to worry about that as gameshark codes shiny is will help you escape from such battle. You just need to enter the correct clear cheats and then you can resume your exciting game.

This shiny code also helps to turn your average Pokemon into shiny pokemon. But at the same time, when it comes to pokemon crystal converting your Pokemon from simple to the silver/shiny version is really tough as it takes a lot of effort.

With these pokemon crystal gameshark codes, catching pokemon is not a problem at all. Just enter the basic code 01XX04D2 and catch the Pokemon in no time. The code of Pokemon that you would like to catch will replace the “XX” of the code. My Oldboy cheats also include the cheat codes to maximize your money. So, that you guys can buy unlimited rare candies, shiny pokemon, and all the fun stuff of the game. The good thing about these codes is that there are five of them (019973D5, 019974D5, 019975D5, 910F4ED8, 91424FD8, 913F50D8). So, if one of them doesn’t work there are four more options available. Isn’t it just great?

Just like that, you will find happiness code over here. Entering their code might be a little bit confusing but still, it works a hundred percent correctly. One of the happiness cheats is explained with an example. “01xx45DA 91xxFADC” again the XX will be replaced by the Pokemon digits. If you want to start again from where to start then your digit would be “46.” So, the code becomes “014645DA 9146FADC.”

Pokemon Crystal Cheats:

Here are all Pokemon Crystal cheats that have been thoroughly tested & are still working.

Unlimited Money

Get max money using this cheat.


Walkthrough walls

Walkthrough walls & impossible terrains using this cheat code. Be careful as the game might crash if you decide to use it in some areas so be sure to save progress beforehand.


Further Info on Pokemon Crystal:

On the lighter note, all these cheats are tested and all but based on your ROM version these cheats might crash your game or make it a little bit glitchy. In order to fix this error, you will have to remove your entered cheat code and then use the substitute code it.

All these Pokemon crystal gameshark codes include cheats rare candy cheats, walk-through walls, Pokeballs, stats, and some of the cheats are used to maximize your level for an amazing experience in Pokemon gaming.

Rare candy cheat is one of the most used and demanded pokemon crystal cheats. If you enter the code 012093D8 then you will find rare candies in the in your first spot of your backpack. But if you want to buy the rare candies from the mart then the code is different, which is 9120F1D0. But remember the one you will buy from mart is expensive and you might need to pay for those rare candies.

pokemon crystal gameshark codes

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Instant egg hatch

Make the egg hatch instantly. In order to work make deactivate the gameshark. Walk away from the egg and walk around a bit. The egg will hatch intstantly.

  • 1st Egg 010145DA 9101FADC
    2nd Egg 010175DA 91012ADD
    3rd Egg 0101A5DA 91015ADD
    4th Egg 0101D5DA 91018ADD
    5th Egg 010105DB 9101BADD
    6th Egg 010135DB 9101EADD

Rare Candy

Rare candies in bag


Find rare candies in Pokemart

tip: this costs money so use the max money cheat here.


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Modify happiness

1st 01xx45DA 91xxFADC
2nd 01xx75DA 91xx2ADD
3rd 01xxA5DA 91xx5ADD
4th 01xxD5DA 91xx8ADD
5th 01xx05DB 91xxBADD
6th 01xx35DB 91xxEADD

Replace xx with any of the following:

00: (0) Means your Pokemon hates you (sets Frustration’s base at 102.)
46: (70) Is where you start from after catching or trading.
DA: (218) Is the requirement for happiness evolution.
FF: (255) Is the maximum. (This will set Return’s base damage to 102.)

Modify Key Items

pokemon crystal cheat codes

Enable scrolling in order to scroll down to the Key items
Replace xx with the amount of key-item slots you are using

Legal digits = 01 to 0C

Enable Scrolling
01xxE1D5 91xxBCD8

Gold & Silver Crystal
Slot 1 01xxE2D5 91xxBDD8
Slot 2 01xxE3D5 91xxBED8
Slot 3 01xxE4D5 91xxBFD8
Slot 4 01xxE5D5 91xxC0D8
Slot 5 01xxE6D5 91xxC1D8
Slot 6 01xxE7D5 91xxC2D8
Slot 7 01xxE8D5 91xxC3D8
Slot 8 01xxE9D5 91xxC4D8
Slot 9 01xxEAD5 91xxC5D8
Slot 10 01xxEBD5 91xxC6D8
Slot 11 01xxECD5 91xxC7D8
Slot 12 01xxEDD5 91xxC8D8

Replace xx with one of the codes Bellow:

07 – Bicycle
36 – Coin Case
37 – Itemfinder
3A – Old Rod
3B – Good Rod
3D – Super Rod
42 – Red Scale
44 – S.S. Ticket
45 – Mystery Egg
46 – Clear Bell (Crystal only)
47 – Silver Wing
73 – GS Ball (Crystal only)
74 – Blue Card (Crystal only)
7F – Card Key
80 – Machine Part
81 – Egg Ticket (Crystal only)
85 – Basement Key
86 – Pass
AF – Squirtbottle
B2 – Rainbow Wing

How is the Game so interesting?

In order to make the game more interesting, you can freely pick a fight with any competitive pokemon by using cheats as well. It is as simple as it sounds, all you have to do is enter the code like every other cheat. The basic code is 91xx04D2, these XX will be replaced by the Pokemon codes. So, if you want to get into a fight with “Charizard” whose code is “06.” Now the final code will be “910604D2.”

All of these are not casual but they are emulator cheats as well because these cheats work for the Game Boy Color emulator or consoles. Before using all of these GBC cheats be careful! As they might crash your game or make it a little bit glitchy. Mostly it is advised to read the whole guide attentively before making use of such cheats.

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Pokemon Crystal codes

Pokemon Crystal GameShark Codes

Why is Pokemon Crystal so good?

However, GBC codes are not that risky comparatively of EXP cheats. The idea of EXP codes sounds quite intriguing but at the same time, the wrong use of numbers or any other problem can de-level your pokes. No-one wants that right?

As promised before, the instructions that are being given to you are really serious. Especially when it comes to using the codes of Walk-Through Walls. For Pokemon Crystal cheats, there are almost around 8 cheats individually provided for walk-through walls. While using these cheats one needs to be really careful. As these cheats enable pokemon to walk through any walls that’s why it might lead you to some areas that will freeze your game entirely. So, make sure to keep saving your game after every progress, and after using these codes disable it. As it will91xx04D2 save the game from crashing.

Once you are done playing Pokemon clear and would desire to try out new games then pokemon GBA hacks might works for you in the best way possible. It is basically the improved version comparatively its base game. So, best of luck with that as well.

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