Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Complete List

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Complete List

Pokemon Fire Red, a remake of the game that started it all. Welcoming us all into the world of pokemon once again. But you’ve probably been welcomed one too many times it seems and want to spice it up a bit. Well look no further cause we’ve got just the thing for you.

That’s right!

We’ve gathered together a list of all the cheats you’ll ever need. Also just know that the game doesn’t have its own built-in cheat codes and all the Pokemon Fire Red cheats mentioned here are actually Gameshark Codes. These codes have been tested and seem to be working but there’s a chance that these Pokemon Fire Red Gameshark codes might not work on the Rom that you’re using or the Rom cheats may not be compatible with the GBA emulator or visual boy advance or whatever you may be using.

How to Use Pokemon cheats?

If you are wondering how to use these pokemon red fire cheats then it is easy as ever. If you are using VBA (visual boy advance) or GBA cheats then there is an option on the menu of cheats. Select the cheat then enter it over there. It is better if you keep your Pokemon red fire cheat codes deactivated and activate them once you want to use them. This trick will majorly help you from any crashing or disturbance in the game.

Some of the game codes for Pokemon fire red given below will help you with unlimited game candy, getting all 8 badges, will help you to complete Pokedex, getting the unlimited master ball, no random battles, and a lot more. Most of these cheats are visual by advanced codes. So, get ready to ace this game with the help of all these game-changing cheats.

Anyway, without further delay let’s get into some cheats.

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats:

Here are all the cheat codes for Pokemon Fire Red

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Pokemon fire red game is still as exciting as ever despite it being 20 years old. You will enjoy this classic and thrilling game as much as you enjoy the other ones. And with cheats you will enjoy this game more than ever. These cheat codes will save you time from waiting or hustling to buy new things or to reach the next level. Usage of cheats mostly crashes the game, right? And this is what we all fear. But with these pokemon red fire cheats, you don’t have to worry about that. Because these cheats are tested before and not just tested but verified by the other users as well. As a matter of fact, all these pokemon fire red Gameshark codes won’t work for Leaf green or Emerald versions as these are just limited for FireRed cheats.

GameShark & Codebreaker codes

Over here you will also find the link of v1.1 Gameshark codes. After entering the cheats all the items will come on your pc 1st slot. In order to use them, you have to replace the desired item with the current one. Only then it will work out. Also, make sure to use them in the right way as these cheats are really hard to find. So, consider yourself lucky once you get your eyes on them.

You will also find Pokemon codebreaker cheats over here. Although it is really hard to find codebreakers on the internet over here you will do everything from the scratch. Also, you will be finding it difficult to enable these codes if you use a real GBA but if you GBA emulator then it will be as simple as the others. Some of the codebreakers are explained. For instance, if you want unlimited money then “Hit B + START” that way the cheat of it will work. For Unlimited Game Corner coins, first, insert the code, and then in order to activate it, you have to use the slot machine. And just like that, all the others will work.

As said before over here you will find all the GBA fire red cheats which include Pokemon modifiers as well. This cheat is a little bit tricky. But we will explain how to use it? The basic formula for this cheat is to enter the modifier code + the level code.

The main or basic cheat code is 754ED27A 8B1BEFEE + LVL code. So, if you want level 5 then the overall code will become 754ED27A 8B1BEFEE A9E4EA45 3651CADD.

Unlimited Rare Candy in PC

The best thing about this cheat of Pokemon Fire red, unlimited rare candy, is it helps you to level up your game without fighting any battles. Not just that, but this cheat does not require any master code. Just enter this Gameshark cheat code and the cheat is directly activated. Also, it helps you to get to know how to get access to Masterballs, Max Revives, Full Restore, Sacred Ash, and Lucky Egg.

(Cheat type: CodeBreaker)
Cheat code:

Complete Pokedex

These complete Pokedex codes will help you get your hands on Pokedex hundred percent. Here are a few bit disclaimers for this cheat. Don’t forget to save your already progressive game before activating these cheats as they might act up.

  • Cheat Code:
  • 0000001A0002

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Have all 8 badges

Just simply enter the given cheat code in the menu and have access to all 8 badges. This is one of the best codes of Pokemon fire red. Also, you might not get all the badges immediately after activating the code. In order to get access to these badges completely, you need to work on the battles. After every battle, check on the badges. One or after few battles, you will get a hold of all the 8 badges.

Cheat Code:
EFCE867D 5403D40D
To use the cheat activate the cheat and find someone to battle with, then enter any building and check the Trainer card. If no badges appear, exit the building and enter again, do this around 5 or 6 times and check again.

Obtain All 3 Starter Pokemon

You can obtain all the 3 starter pokemon by just simply entering this code. Make sure to press A in order to activate it. You can get all the 3 easy, medium, and hard starters Pokemon. Bulbasaur, Squirtle, and Charmander, with these cheat codes you will get access of all three of them.

83000F9C 0000
This cheat only works when you start the game
Use the cheat and then it off and go to the bushes and wait until Prof.Oak stops you. Then go to the lab and pick a pokemon, and when it says received turn the code on again then just repeat.

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Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Unlimited Master ball in PC

Pokemon Fire Red Cheats

Masterball is known as the most wanted and rock star among all the Pokeballs. Master balls are really famous because it makes catching the Pokemon much easier. You just have to throw Master ball to catch the Pokemon. Activating master ball cheat is nothing rocket science.

All you have to do is enter the cheat code, then check it in your PC, and finally withdraw it.

Cheat Code:
82025840 0001

No Random Battles

This cheat code, no random battles, can be a deal-breaker in the game. It basically saves you from all the random battles that come in your way, while you are walking.

Cheat code:
D41DD0CA 33A629E5
8E883EFF 92E9660D

1 Hit Kill

Passing the battle is no more difficult with these cheat codes. All these cheat codes will help you to pass the 1 hit kill battles.

Cheat code:
C833D1A0 02FA7205

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Pokemon Fire Red Cheats Infinite PP

This simple code of infinite PP requires maximum correctness as the Pokemon becomes a little cautious after entering this code. But these codes help you to bring infinite balls or any other infinite certain items.

Cheat code:
42023C08 6363
00000002 0002

Infinite Money 999,999

As it is obvious by its name, this code will give you infinite money. This money will boost your game and make it ten times more exciting and interesting for you to play.

Cheat Code:
Master codes (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)
8E883EFF 92E9660D

Instant 999,999 Money (Cheat type: Code Breaker)

The cheat for instant 999,999 money helps you to get 999,999 money directly and within no time. You can use this money to buy any item of Pokemon. Instant money does not have any limits in Pokemart which is the best thing about it.

820257BC 423F
820257BE 000F
<h2″>Instant 999,999 Money Alternative (Cheat type: GameShark v3/Action Replay)

29C78059 96542194

Max Stats

Max stats cheat in the Pokemon are used to maximize the stats of your Pokemon. It can be activated in any type of Game boy Advance emulator you have at the moment. And there is no chance of getting any sort of glitch in your game by the use of these cheats.

1st Pokemon Maximum Stats

2nd Pokemon Maximum Stats

3rd Pokemon Maximum Stats

4th Pokemon Maximum Stats

5th Pokemon Maximum Stats

6th Pokemon Maximum Stats

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The cheat code of TM and HM helps you get any items that you would want in the game. May it be master balls, ultra-ball, great ball, potion, antidote, or anything. All the codes of every item are given below; you just have to attach it with the master code.

Enter the code 82003884

and then the TM/HM number next.
After you’ve activated the cheat head on over to the mart and buy the first item.

  • 0121 = TM01 Focus Punch0122 = TM02 Dragon Claw0123 = TM03 Water Pulse0124 = TM04 Calm Mind0125 = TM05 Roar0126 = TM06 Toxic0127 = TM07 Hail0128 = TM08 Bulk Up0129 = TM09 Bullet Seed012A = TM10 Hidden Power012B = TM11 Sunny Day012C = TM12 Taunt012D = TM13 Ice Beam012E = TM14 Blizzard012F = TM15 Hyper Beam0130 = TM16 Light Screen0131 = TM17 Protect0132 = TM18 Rain Dance0133 = TM19 Giga Drain0134 = TM20 Safeguard0135 = TM21 Frustration0136 = TM22 Solar Beam0137 = TM23 Iron Tail0138 = TM24 Thunderbolt0139 = TM25 Thunder013A = TM26 Earthquake013B = TM27 Return013C = TM28 Dig013D = TM29 Psychic013E = TM30 Shadow Ball013F = TM31 Brick Break0140 = TM32 Double Team0141 = TM33 Reflect0142 = TM34 Shock Wave0143 = TM35 Flamethrower0144 = TM36 Sludge Bomb0145 = TM37 Sandstorm0146 = TM38 Fire Blast

Pokemon Nature Modifier

We all know how much of a hustle it is to get stuck in a game. These cheat codes of Pokemon Nature Modifier help you to escape or change the nature of any battle that you encounter. There might be a little difference in the codes as it depends directly on the nature that you want to change.

But before everything else, in order to take advantage of these codes first, you need to enable it.

Enter code AA3BB0ED 41CD5D95 + Pokemon nature identifier

  • D0E34D66 5796A7D3 = HardyD73BC50A 5F47AA0E = LonelyE485844D 2F24038C = Brave5EB8DEEE 692ED298 = Adamant83286B46 6479AA98 = Naughty35EB915F 08F33974 = BoldA58F6F1B BFB13FEF = Docile34027F23 7E7E1599 = RelaxedCDA2AB99 F89D5BB9 = ImpishD593BF29 E18AAAE5 = Lax1BC372C9 06B4D17F = TimidD4950A99 D729D80A = Hasty93F04759 F95753D9 = SeriousE9EC2CBF A7EDD4A7 = Jolly56F744B0 37E16732 = NaiveE1EB2109 4480C28D = Modest

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Miscellenous items in PC

These codes give you access to any miscellaneous item you would want. May it be shoaled salt, blue shard, fluffy tail, stardust, or many others. If your ROM is the aforementioned version then it can also be used in ROM hacks. Apart from all its pros, make sure to save your game before activating these cheats just to be protected from any kind of glitches.

Enter code 82025840 YYYY and replace YYYY with the desired item code

  • 00B3 = Bright Powder
  • 00B4 = White Herb
  • 00B5 = Macho Brace
  • 00B6 = Exp Share
    00B7 = Quick C law
  • 00B8 = Soothe Bell
    00B9 = Mental Herb
  • 00BA = C hoice Band
    00BB = King’s Rock
    00BC = Silver Powder
  • 00BD = Amulet C oin
    00BE = C leanse Tag
  • 00BF = Soul Dew
  • 00C 0 = Deep Sea Tooth
    00C 1 = Deep Sea Scale
    00C 2 = Smoke Ball
  • 00C 3 = Everstone
    00C 4 = Focus Band
  • 00C 5 = Lucky Egg
    00C 6 = Scope Lens
  • 00C 7 = Metal C oat
  • 00C 8 = Leftovers
  • 00C 9 = Dragon Scale

Potions and Revives in PC

Adding more codes along with the Master code you can get the potion and revives item as well. And it is no big deal. All you need to do is; add separate codes of each item with the master code. These 2 great items will boost your game to the level. It will definitely make your game much more thrilling.

Enter code 82025840 YYYY and replace YYYY with the desired item code

000D = Potion
000E = Antidote
000F = Burn Heal
0010 = Ice Heal
0011 = Awakening
0012 = Parlyz Heal
0013 = Full Restore
0014 = Max Potion
0015 = Hyper Potion
0016 = Super Potion
0017 = Full Heal
0018 = Revive
0019 = Max Revive

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Wild Pokemon Gender Modifier

This cheat code will help you to set the gender of your own choice regardless of your previous gender. It can be wild pokemon always male or wild pokemon always female. Remember both the genders have different codes, so choose with accuracy.

Always Female

EB34F751 A96B854D
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Always Male

EB34F751 A96B854D
141BB87C 83D7018F

Berries in PC

This code will help you get any berry that you want. Just enter the main code 82025840 YYYY and substitute YYYY with the code of your desired berry. From Oram berry to enigma berry codes of each and everyone are available. Isn’t it great?

Enter code 82025840 YYYY and replace YYYY with the desired item code

0085 = Cheri Berry
0086 = Chesto Berry
0087 = Pecha Berry
0088 = Rawst Berry
0089 = Aspear Berry
008A = Leppa Berry
008B = Oran Berry
008C = Persim Berry
008D = Lum Berry
008E = Sitrus Berry
008F = Figy Berry
0090 = Wiki Berry
0091 = Mago Berry
0092 = Aguav Berry
0093 = Iapapa Berry
0094 = Razz Berry
0095 = Bluk Berry
0096 = Nanab Berry
0097 = Wepear Berry
0098 = Pinap Berry
0099 = Pomeg Berry

Walk Through Walls

Codes of walk-through walls help you to pass through any hard or stoppable walls. Pokemon is the game in which at every point we seem to get stuck because of the wall as walls seem to block our way. But not anymore, use this code and jump through any walls that are stopping you from reaching your destination.

Also, don’t forget to press “A” in order to activate your code and to confirm your cheat code entry.

Cheat code:
509197D3 542975F4
78DA95DF 44018CB4

Legendary Pokemon Teleport Locations

Just with the help of this one-line code you go anywhere faster than before. This code will help you to pass through any door and helps you to increase your level.

Lastly, after using the code make sure to deactivate it as it will keep on repeating the same level.

Mt. Ember (Moltres) = 23ADAABA A9000BEB
Seafoam Islands (Articuno)= BC4AFF82 6C4609A2
Power Plant (Zapdos) = EA5BB107 05E634BB
One Island (Mewtwo) = A6A339F5 FC0ADC79
(Fix the Time Machine to enter Unknown Dungeon to get Mewtwo)
Navel Rock (Ho-Oh and Lugia) = 82031DBC 2402
Birth Island (Deoxys) = 554D9257 D0472EF8

Warp/Teleport To Different Locations

This cheat code will also fasten your Pokemon and make you land on different locations. The last digits of the code keep on changing as they depend on your preference of location or route.

Replace YYYY with the location ID of your desired location

More cheats continue below:

Further Info

pokemon fire red gameshark codes

Some Popular Fire Red cheats

pokemon fire red cheat codes

There are so many people out there who believe in playing the game with sincerity and they commit to never using any sort of code. But still, they end up using cheats because one can’t resist leveling up their game.

For instance, if you want to check out then rare candy cheats are the best to level up your game. Meeting legendaries sometimes feels impossible right? But Pokemon fire red Gameshark codes make it possible. Not just that you can even change the nature of your Pokemon with these emulator cheats.

Also, if you are about to give up on catching up with the pokemon then these Pokemon fire red cheat codes will help you catch any desired Pokemon you would like. Just enter the code off master balls on the cheat’s section.

After entering the cheat code, you can catch any Pokemon by throwing the master ball you activated using the cheat code. The best thing about it is you can catch unlimited Pokemons, it is not limited.

One of the most popular ROM cheats of Pokemon is Walk Through walls. It is not only famous for the Fire Red version but for all versions. This cheat helps you to walk through walls or some of the other materials as well. Not just it is famous but it is one of the simplest Pokemon red fire cheats. All you have to do is enter the cheat code and you are done.

If you want to immediately level up your game then infinite exp cheat is the best. Just enter the right code and your level will spontaneously increase. The pokemon fire red cheat of infinite exp is 74000130027D

One thing to you need to be careful with is you have to disable it. Once you used the code where you need then disable it or else it will be in working.

One of the most wanted cheat codes known as fast egg hatching is also available in the list. After entering the given code, the egg will be hatched maximum in 5 to 10 steps. The master code of it is: 97726CAE9184

And the fast egg hatching code is:


Things to Remember

 We hope that these cheats help you to level up your game. As they are extremely useful and does wonder. With all these codes you will love this game even more and find it more exciting. Make sure to use it in a correct manner, activate them, and use it on the write device as instructed.


And there you have it, folks!

All the Pokemon Fire Red cheats you’ll ever need to cheat your way through your pokemon FireRed journey for the hundredth time. Also just know that these codes are for Pokemon Fire Red v1.0 and may not apply to other Pokemon games or Pokemon Fire Red v1.1.

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