Pokemon Go Cheats Complete list in 2021

Pokemon Go Cheats Complete list in 2021

Pokemon go is a game developed by a collaboration of the company The Pokemon with two other gaming companies named as Niantic and Nintendo. The game was developed for playing on two platforms namely IOS and android.

As we know that every player wants the game to be easy for them. So, there are some cheats available for every game that the players can use to make their gameplay better. In this way, they can achieve high ranks within no time. Here, we bring you Pokemon go cheats that’ll make your gameplay much easier & give you a competitive edge over other players.

Pokemon go candy cheats:

This cheat is among the most commonly used cheats of Pokemon go. The purpose of using this Pokemon go cheat is to get an unlimited number of candies or to get the rare candies that are very difficult to get otherwise.

Candy is a special item found in Pokemon go. This item is required to increase the level of your Pokemon and power it up. For example, it may enhance the hit power or battle power of the Pokemon.

It is notable that there are different kinds or species of Pokemons. The number of candies required to power up or level up your Pokemon is dependent upon the type or species you are using. The higher the number of candies, the more powerful the Pokemon would be. In addition to this cheat, you can also go for Pokemon go candy glitch.

Pokemon go spawn:

Similar to other games, you are allowed to spawn in Pokemon go as well. In order to benefit from the spawning feature, what you need to do is apply the simple Pokemon go cheat.

The cheat that is used for the spawning feature is the Pokemon go incense cheat. Once you have used this cheat, your Pokemon will spawn and you can enjoy your gameplay. In this way, you can spawn your Pokemon many times as per your needs. Thus, the Pokemon go spawner cheat allows you to enjoy playing the game without facing any difficulty. So, you can win the battles and fights resulting in the high ranks and level of your Pokemon.

This is one of the most brilliant features and it adds charm to the gameplay. That’s why most of the players like and apply this cheat for the fast progress in the game. And it is the answer to the question of how to spawn Pokemon in Pokemon go.

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Pokemon go name cheats:

Another amazing Pokemon go cheat that you can use while playing this game is Pokemon go name cheat. With the help of this cheat and trick you can transform or evolve your Evee into the Pokemon character you want it to be.

Here is the list of characters in which you can evolve your Evee.

  • Tamao – Umbreon
  • Pyro – Flareon
  • Sakura -Espeon
  • Sparky – Jolteon
  • Rainer – Vaporeon

What you need to do is replace the name of your Evee with the name of your required character. However, one thing necessary to keep in mind in this regard is that this trick will work only for the first time. it will not work like vice versa. This is one of the amazing cheats for Pokemon go. You can get the Pokemon go cheats.exe through websites.


Apart from these cheats and codes, some players try spoofing. While using the spoofing cheat or hack, the main objective of the players is to fake their location.

As we know that this game is totally based on a real location, therefore, faking the location gives the players an edge and thus they can take advantage of it. Similarly, in addition to the fake location, the players are also capable of faking the distance they have walked over. This thing enables them to access the gyms as well as battlefields.

Furthermore, by faking the location and distance walked, you can catch any Pokemon go that you are unable to catch without spoofing. However, before trying these Pokemon go cheat or trick, it is necessary for you to know that players using this one of Pokemon go cheats get banned by the company that owns the game. Therefore, it is necessary to keep this factor in mind.

Pokemon go glitches and cheats:

Many people ask how to cheat Pokemon go. The answer is that in addition to the Pokemon go cheats and tricks mentioned above, there are various other glitches and cheats that players use. For example, they may choose multi-accounting. The players have multiple accounts. With the help of these multiple accounts, they take advantage. Whenever they are entering the gym, they add through different accounts and fill up the whole gym with their own accounts. After doing this, they are able to win the battles and fights without making effort. Thus, they can level up and get high ranks in the game.

Apart from this, there is sharing of accounts. Although the game does not allow, the players to share their accounts to catch the rare Pokemons and level them up. Furthermore, some players use Pokemon generators. While others go for all Pokemon hack.

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Things to be considered:

Undoubtedly, the majority of the players use these cheats to fill the gameplay with fun and joy. However, they must keep in mind some aspects of game cheats. For example, as mentioned earlier in the article, some cheats are not allowed by the game. And the game bans the players from using them.

Similarly, there are some cheats that can’t be used multiple times. That’s why you must consider these aspects while using the cheats in gameplay.

Here is the ultimate Pokemon Go cheats list below

Pokemon Go cheats 2021:

Here all the cheats for Pokemon Go that are working as of now.


Perhaps one of the oldest tricks in the book!

It’s called spoofing when you play Pokemon Go because you’re found in a different location from where you really are. Pokemon Go relies on your real-world location, so you can spoof your location to travel wherever you want and catch rare Pokemon, even if they’re thousands of miles away. Niantic has started cracking down on this, so try it on your own risk; we wouldn’t recommend it!


Be aware of getting banned!

Essentially, botting is a form of spoofing that works automatically. The bot account goes around catching rare and powerful Pokemon instead of you choosing which Pokemon it catches. Like spoofing, you have a very high chance of being banned if you do this. This is for the laziest players out there. If you’re still tempted, make a spare account and give it a go!

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Landscape Mode

Ah the beautiful landscapes from an eagle’s eye point of view!

If you want to try playing Pokemon Go in another angle, you can force the game to play in landscape mode – playing horizontally instead of vertically. To enable this, you need to make sure you are holding the phone horizontally, before you start the following steps.
  • From the main map screen, tap the menu icon at the bottom to bring up the list of options, and tap on the Settings button at the top.
  • In the Settings screen, scroll down to “Report High-Priority Issue”. It will ask if you are sure you wish to proceed out of the game. Hit yes. Don’t worry, you won’t actually be reporting anything.
  • The game will open up the internet to load the page for reporting issues. Don’t wait for the page to load, and tap the home screen to return to your iPhone’s main screen. You should still be holding the phone horizontally.
  • Now, from the home screen, tap on the Pokemon Go App again. If all goes well, the page will stop loading and return to the setting menu – only this time the aspect ratio of the game will change to fit the landscape mode! Exit the setting to see the world in a much wider view!
Of course, this game doesn’t have an easy way to play the game in this mode for a reason. While the map looks great, you may run into some odd glitches and weird scaling in other menus, PokeStops, and especially catching pokemon and gym battles.
Gym screens may have trouble showing your list of pokemon correctly, though the battles themselves still work well.
As for wild pokemon – with the game struggling to show a different view, pokemon may be harder – or even impossible to catch if the camera zooms past them. AR mode will also make things different, but if you’re lucky, you may be able to orient yourself very close to a pokemon for an easy catch. Depending on these factors, pokemon may be easier or harder to catch, so use this mode at your own risk.
Of course, if you grow tired of this new format, simply quit the game and restart to change it back to its normal vertical format.
Note: This trick has only been confirmed to work on iPhone devices, and not Android devices.

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XP Trick for Lucky Eggs

Who doesn’t love them Lucky eggs!

The Lucky Egg doubles all XP earned for 30 minutes! Combine this with Incense or a Lure Module and you’ll be raking in XP just by catching lots of Pokemon, as seen in the video above.
What you may not know is that evolving a Pokemon grants you the most XP out of anything in the game, and Lucky Eggs actually double your normal 500 XP reward to 1000XP for each Pokemon you level up.
To really reap in the benefits, you should capture a lot of common Pokemon, like Pidgey or Caterpie, that require relatively few Candy to evolve. This has been referred to as the Pidgey Exploit, as Pidgey are very common for some people, and only cost 12 Candy to evolve for 1000 XP. Even better: If you’re evolving a Pokemon into one you haven’t caught before, you’ll get 2,000 XP!
The Step-by-Step Process to the “Pidgey Exploit”:
  • Step 1: Don’t Transfer Pokemon
Collect easy-to-catch-and-evolve Pokemon, like Pidgey. Pidgey are easy to come by and only cost 12 Pidgey Candy to evolve. The more the better. Save them for a Lucky Egg evolution binge. Favorite all the Pokemon you want to evolve with a star to keep things in order.
If you have Pokemon that you know will evolve into something you haven’t caught before, save them for your Lucky Egg XP spree, too.
  • Step 2: Plan for After Your Evolution Spree
You have 30 minutes to exploit the Lucky Egg, so only use it when you can also go out and catch Pokemon, using a lure or incense.
  • Step 3: Activate the Lucky Egg
You will now get double XP for every thing you do for 30 minutes.
  • Step 4: Get to Evolving!
  • Step 5: Use your remaining time to catch Pokemon
As mentioned above, if you have any time left over after your evolving-spree, go out and attach a Lure Module to a PokeStop, activate an Incense, and get to catching. If you have the resources and are in a spot with multiple PokeStops next to each other, use a few Lure Modules to maximize the amount of Pokemon that appear! You can do this same thing pre-Lucky Egg as a way to stock up on Pokemon and Poke Balls, too.
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Auto-IV checkers

An important trick to learn.

The combat power of any Pokemon in Pokemon Go is dependent on their IV, which stands for Individual Values. A 100% IV Pokemon is the best possible, but there’s no way of checking the exact IV without a third party program – all you can do is appraise your Pokemon through your team leader, which gives a vague answer at best. Manual IV checkers aren’t banned, but they require you to check each and every single Pokemon you catch with a screenshot. Instead, some players opt to use automatic IV checkers but unfortunately, these are banned because they link directly to your account. It can save a lot of time, but is it worth it when you risk your account being banned?

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Track Rare Pokemon on Your Map

Keep an eye on these Pokemon!

You can successfully track specific Pokemon if you keep your eye on the Nearby Pokemon list, located in the lower corner of your Map. As you can see in the video above, if the Pokemon icon is moving up the list to the top left spot, that means you’re getting closer to it! Try going in different directions until it gets less foot prints and moves up the list. You may find yourself right next to that elusive Scyther soon!

UPDATE: As of the latest patch on July 31st, the footprints of nearby pokemon have been removed, making tracking pokemon much more difficult. It is unknown when this feature will return.

Also keep in mind that Pokemon will generally spawn in the same exact spot for everyone! So if you see a crowd of Trainers intensely staring at their Pokemon GO device, odds are they’re catching a rare Pokemon.

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Another trick to gain some advantage.

Since the method is not directly connected to the game, it isn’t technically cheating, but Niantic still forbids it. You can have multiple accounts on the go at once by using multi-accounting. Many use their main accounts to clear gyms and log into their main accounts to fill up the gyms, while others will use their friends’ and family’s accounts at the same time to fill up new gyms. Regardless, this is banned, but not as destructive as other cheats and exploits.

Change Pokemon Names

Choose a name that pleases you.

When choosing what to nickname your pokemon, there are more subtle choices than you might think. While you edit a name, you can insert specific HTML code to change how your pokemon’s name looks, making the name either bold or italic.
It’s important to note that the HTML brackets count toward the overall character limit – so only short names will work!
To make a pokemon’s name italicizedenter nickname, and the pokemon’s name on its personal page will have the altered font. However, it won’t change when looking at the list of pokemon in your storage, instead showing the full string of HTML formatting.
To make a pokemon’s name Bold, enter nickname, and the pokemon’s name will be noticeably more bolded in their own page. Again, it won’t change when looking at all the pokemon in your storage, instead showing the brackets until you tap on that pokemon.
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Account sharing

A great trick if you learn to do it carefully.

You cannot have more than one account active at a time, and you are also not allowed to share your account with someone else so they may catch Pokemon in different places. It’s hard for Niantic to detect this as long as you don’t use both accounts and give it time before logging in when there’s a long distance between the previous person, but do be careful when doing it. Sometimes you’ve got a pal out in a different region and you just need that Relicanth or Corsola…

These are the main cheats and exploits available in Pokemon Go, but there’s also plenty of tips and tricks you can use that are well within the rules. Follow any of the links below to get started!

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Put Pikachu On Shoulder

Classic Pokemon stuff!

Using the Buddy System in the September 2016 update, you can pick Pikachu as a buddy to walk (and earn Candy) with. Pikachu will appear on your character’s shoulder if you walk 10km with him as your buddy.

Eevee Evolution Trick

Gives you more control over your Pokemon’s evolution.

This trick is both a secret tick and an awesome reference to the Pokemon animated series. With it, you can select which type of Pokemon you want to evolve your Evee into.
Before evolving your Evee, change its name to the corresponding evolution you want:
  • Pyro: Flareon
  • Rainer: Vaporeon
  • Sakura: Espeon
  • Sparky: Jolteon
  • Tamao: Umbreon
Some players have claimed this only works for the first time you evolve an Evee into each type – so if you already have a Flareon, the Pyro trick won’t work.
At Comic Con, Niantic’s CEO confirmed this is an intended trick an homage!

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Catch Pikachu as Your Starter Pokemon

Start like a legend with Ash’s signature Poke buddy!

Pikachu, however, will surface alongside the other three Pokemon if you don’t catch them at first, and you ignore them long enough.
Before Pikachu will appear, you need to refuse these Pokemon at least four times. If you spot Pikachu, zoom in and catch him, and he’ll be yours for life!

Further Info

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If you have also joined this game and want to have more fun by progressing faster in it, you can try the free Pokemon go cheats as mentioned in this article. If you are looking for Pokemon go cheats for android or IOS, you can visit several websites offering these cheats. Hence, this is the easiest way of getting cheats. With the help of cheats you can get various features like getting free Pokemon on Pokemon go and similar other Pokemon go exploits and cheats.

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