Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats Complete list

Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats Complete list

Here we bring you the complete list for Pokemon Omega Ruby cheats that you can integrate your gameplay with & score higher in the game. This is a complete cheats list that includes all working cheats. Not a single code has been ignored. Enjoy!

These cheat codes are compatible with Citra Android, action replay 3Ds & GBA emulators. Just check the version mentioned next to every code & be sure to use the cheat compatible with your version.

Let’s play 

There is little difference between the recent pokemon omega ruby cheats and the original gameplay. The story begins with a player in the truck’s back traveling to Hoenn from Johto along with his mother. The father, on the other hand, is the head of the Petalburg City Gym. The family’s new home is located in Littleroot Town, which is situated on the southern side of the main island. Initially, the trainer saves a popular scientist Professor Birch. The player can choose from three Pokemon, Treecko, Torchic, or Mudkip, who can defend him. Once the wild Pokemon faces defeat at the player’s hands, the latter gets the opportunity to choose the Pokemon that he likes. This will be the starter. Once done, he can now move around the Hoenn and complete Pokédex with a stone cheat code. Due to pokemon omega ruby cheats Citra, they have to fight against eight different Gym Leaders that belong to the Hoenn Pokémon League.

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The player also has to face the antagonist group Team Magma. They look forward to a better world by using the power of Pokémon called Primal Groudon. The Team Magma has a unique desire to convert the oceans into landmass by using Groudon’s power. They believe that by doing so, they can let the world progress by leaps and bounds. Contrary to what was happening in the older versions Archie and Maxie aims to improve the orb that will ultimately lead to the Primal Reversions. The player can easily defeat the teams and gets control over the legendary Pokemon. Get help from Hoenn League Champion Steven Stone and the Gym Leader Wallace to do this. Suppose the player has to become the League champion in pokemon omega ruby.

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In that case, it is essential to challenge the Elite Four and Steven, the Champion. Several is a wide range of contests available all across Hoenn where the Pokemon has to unleash his skills to the fullest before the audience and the judges.

A great side quest was added to pokemon omega ruby cheats Citra by the name “Delta Episode. The previous players can enjoy the new characters like Zinnia, Steven Stone, and Professor Cozmo, who will let you prevent the meteor from crashing into your planet.

Features to enjoy 

Here is the list of the updated features that can make a real difference in your lives while playing the favorite series sixth edition.

  • The cheat 3Ds model engine is the same as the one available in Pokemon X and Y.
  • Enjoy the action replay 3Ds capabilities for an enhanced Pokemon battle experience.
  • Feel like a real-time playback with the day and night cycles in pokemon ultimate mega ruby cheats. The pattern is not much different than the X and Y version, but there are far improved twilight periods.
  • The battle system is the continuation of what was added in the fourth generation, including Physical, Special, or Status moves.
  • All new Mega evolved Pokemon like the fairy-type.
  • Diverse weather types for the three Legendary Pokemon and their respective Primal Reversions.
  • It specialized in Pokemon Contest speculations that permit Pokemon to join any Pokemon Contest Hall. Under certain conditions, the Pokemon can Mega Evolve.
  • Scroll a bit down for the ultimate Pokemon Omega Ruby Cheats list
  • Simple Pokeblocks that you can create using the Pokeblock Kit.,
  • Some amazing characters like Lisia (Pokemon Contest Idol), Aarune with the information related to Super-Secret Bases, and Zinnia, who keenly takes part in The Delta Episode using ar codes.
  • The “Delta Episode” follows after completing the Pokemon League.
  • Features like Super Training, Pokemon-Amie, and the Player Search System are revived that were part of the Xand Y once with oras cheats.
  • “Hidden Pokemon” in the wild can be found as you move around the wild or use DexNav. He is known for possessing specialized hidden features or Egg Moves cheat code Citra.
  • An updated and better battle Resort is there in the Hoenn to make things more fun if you get Gameshark cheats.
  • Check your performance using the feature or action replay.

Let’s get to the cheats

Pokemon Omega Ruby cheats 2021:

Here is the complete list of Pokemon Omega Ruby cheats we’ve compiled for you.

The exciting gameplay 

Pokemon omega ruby cheats are created after being inspired by the third generation. Still, you have much more to experience than the older generations. Some of the features are continued from the past versions like the type split (fourth generation), ™ usage, and trip battles (fifth generation). For those loving Pokemon X and Y, the sixth generation cheat codes retain the most popular features, including Mega Evolution and Super Training.

Besides the continuation of the previous features, codes for omega ruby come with the latest additions like Primal Reversion for Groudon and Kyogre, Latios or Latias for flying across Hoenn. The hands-on consoles and eyes on the screen would fall into the “mirage spots,” appearing while flying all around the Latios or Latias. You can easily find the Pokemon in these spots that are not available in other generations, so they are much appreciated for the fun and thrill.

Walk through Walls

[(Hold R)Walkthrough Wall v1.4] D3000000 00000000
00579820 E1A01000
00579824 E12FFF1E
00579828 E1A06000
0057982C E12FFF1E
DD000000 00000100
00579820 E3A01000
00579824 E12FFF1E
00579828 E3A06000
0057982C E12FFF1E
D0000000 00000000
580BB414 E1A01000
080BB414 EBF83D01
D0000000 00000000
580B87F8 E1A06000
080B87F8 EBF8480A
D0000000 00000000

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Advantages of Omega Ruby Cheats:

For the Pokemon lovers, there is so much to enjoy through the version updated a few years back with the title pokemon omega ruby cheats. It is the remake of the popular role-play game that was released back in 2002. The update was here in the market in 2014 and since then the creation of GameFreak and Nintendo is ruling the world of gaming. It falls as the sixth generation of the Pokemon game series.

If you are in love with the adventure, fun, and thrill of Pokemon then you would not be able to stay away from this addictive adventure. Every second of the gameplay is so thrilling and captivating that it becomes hard for the player to keep off the hands of the controllers.

HP cheats

pokemon omega ruby cheats

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Shiny Pokemon Encounter

[ Generate Shiny Pokémon (DexNav) for V1.4] DD000000 00000108
D3000000 00000000
18C6EC70 00000001
18C6EC72 000002D1
18C6EC74 00000002
18C6EC76 00000064
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000200

Bike cheats

[Ride Mach Bike Anywhere v1.4] 08C6E888 00000001

[Ride Acro Bike Anywhere v1.4] 08C6E888 00000002

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Hover Board cheat

[Hover Board v1.4] 08C6E888 00000003

pokemon omega ruby cheats citra

Items cheat

[Eon Ticket Slot 7 Key Items] 08C6F2C8 000102D6

Mega Evolve cheat

[Any Pokemon can mega evolve] 68000178 00000000
B8000178 00000000
20000EDD 00000001
D2000000 00000000

Access PC anywhere

[Access the PC from anywhere v1.4] D3000000 00000000
003D8748 E3A00014
DD000000 00000200
003D8748 E3A00004
D0000000 00000000

Walk / Run Speed x2

[Walk&run Speed x2 v1.4] 004E2D10 40A49249
004E3310 41100000
004E341C 40249249
004E3420 3EA49236
58084760 03A05007
080845E8 13A05003
080845EC 03A05002
0808475C 13A05005
08084760 03A05003
D0000000 00000000

Instant Messages

[Instant Messages v1.4] 00419A34 E3A04003
0041A2A4 E3A05003

Money cheats

Get Max money or loads of cash.

[Money 999998] 08C71DC0 000F423E

[Max Money, Game v1.0] 08C6DDD0 0098967F

[Item Position 1 x99] 28C6EC72 00000063

Pokemon Generator

[ Pokemon Generator ] D3000000 00000000
DD000000 00000108
18C6AC80 00000001
18C6AC82 000002D1
18C6AC84 00000002
18C6AC86 00000064
D0000000 00000000
DD000000 00000200

Full O-Power cheat

[ O-Power Always Full] 28C83D94 0000000A

Find Mew

[Hold R on route 116 to find a mew with your PokeNav] DD000000 00000100
182C8AF2 00000097
182C8AF6 00000001

Master Ball cheat

[999 master balls in slot 1] 08C6EC70 03E70001

Level up Items

[Top Lv Up Items x999] 08C6F5E0 03E70017
08C6F5E4 03E7002C
08C6F5E8 03E70029
08C6F5EC 03E70032
08C6F5F0 03E70035

Quick Egg Hatching

[Quick Egg Hatching] 18C6F975 00000101

pokemon omega ruby cheats 3ds

AP cheats

pokemon omega ruby cheat codes

pokemon omega ruby cheat codes

Level 100 after Battle

pokemon omega ruby cheat list

100% Catch rate

[100% Catch rate] DD000000 00000044
B81FB510 00000000
DC000000 000000B2
20000000 00000001
D3000000 00000000
D0000000 00000000


To sum the experience with pokemon omega ruby cheats it won’t be wrong to say that it is not much different from Pokemon X and Y. If you have been playing the older versions of Pokemon, then you will feel the difference in the story and the gameplay with rare candy cheat. The fresh remakes are unique by all means. For some 3D lovers, GBA cheats is not a great experience, but it stands out for its features and functionality. There are some similarities between the OR and the X and Y, but the added features Citra cheats make it fun for all.

To sum the experience with pokemon omega ruby cheats it won’t be wrong to say that it is not much different from the pokemon X and Y. If you have been playing the older versions of pokemon then you will definitely feel the difference in the story and the gameplay with rare candy cheat. The fresh remakes are unique by all means. For some 3D lovers, gba cheats is not a great experience but it stands out for its features and functionality. There are some similarities between the OR and the X and Y but the added features Citra cheats make it really fun for all.

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