Pokemon Sapphire Cheats Complete List & GameShark Codes List

Pokemon Sapphire Cheats Complete List & GameShark Codes List

Pokemon sapphire cheats not only make the game more interesting but also very easy. Henceforth, we have brought a list of cheats for you all. In this article we will be explaining all the cheats one by one along with their advantages and how engaging can they make the game. We will shed some light on how these cheats spice up the gameplay and how important they can prove for players who don’t feel like putting in maximum effort.

Advantages of using Cheats in Pokemon Sapphire:

Firstly, One advantage of these cheats, in general, is as mentioned earlier they engage a player even more and allow them to complete the game with full freedom. Other than that they make the game fun and enjoyable for every age group and gender. Additional to it, these cheats have complimented the game in a sport where people have started preferring this game over others merely because of how effective and easy these cheats seem to be. These cheats make sure the player passes a certain level more quickly.

We gave talked about how people prefer these cheats, & unlike other games, the installation of pokemon sapphire cheats is surprisingly very easy. Pokemon sapphire cheats do not need a specific mode or control. All you need to do to install these cheats is to click on the tilde key and insert your cheats in caps and that is pretty much it, just press the enter key and you are good to go. However, saving your progress before activating the pokemon sapphire version cheats is a must. Also, do not forget to deactivate your cheat once you are done. Following the correct steps is really important in order to activate your cheats.

Do cheats help with Roms?

As mentioned above, these cheats really do spice up the game for a player but how? is the main question. Well, first of all, in order to activate a cheat you really need to make sure what kind of cheat do you require at the very specific moment. Since there is a variety of cheats available online. Choosing the right cheat for that specific moment can end up proving to be a complicated task. So, in order to avoid that a player should focus on the task, he is doing. If he is able to identify that then choosing the right cheat will prove to be easy. Some of the most used pokemon sapphire version cheats are pokemon sapphire rom cheats, the pokemon sapphire game shark codes, pokemon mega sapphire cheats, pokemon sapphire emulator cheats, and pokemon sapphire exp cheats. They all serve different purposes. And prove to be handy from time to time.

Pokemon GameShark codes for Sapphire:

One of the most important sapphire cheats is the sapphire game shark codes. Game shark codes for pokemon sapphire allow a player to get access to a specific pokemon. Now, this might seem too easy. I mean you all might be wondering why would one need pokemon sapphire cheat codes to get access to a pokemon. Well, that’s because pokemon is only available after a special event or through a special task. Now getting access to a pokemon is one of the most difficult tasks in the game and without the suitable pokemon completing the required task is almost impossible. Hence, pokemon sapphire game shark codes can make this task pretty easy as compared to the ones without cheat codes.

Similarly,  another really important cheat code is pokemon sapphire walk-through walls. Now this one has its own unique advantages. The name speaks for itself. Getting stuck in situations where you really want to cross a specific area to get into another stage. But you cannot because of a mere wall or a hurdle which your character or player cannot pass on itself except for some kind of immunity. Well, these situations suck big time but don’t worry, pokemon sapphire cheats my boy can help you get past anything let alone walls.  This cheat is one of the most used and effective cheats. It allows you to complete a level was faster than you would have done without this cheat. This makes me wonder how easy pokemon sapphire codes have made this video game along with being really effective and time-saving. These cheats are a lifesaver for sure.

Let’s get to the cheats

Pokemon Sapphire cheats 2021

Here are all the cheats for Pokemon Sapphire that have been tested by millions of gamers & have found to be working.

Walk Through Walls

Use the following cheat to walk through walls.

E03B0649 5D67050C
78DA95DF 44018CB4

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Steal Trainer’s Pokemon

The following cheat will enable you to catch your opponent Trainer’s Pokemon. The battle finish once the Pokemon has been captured.


pokemon sapphire gameshark codes

Infinite Money

This code will give you unlimited cash.

E51E97C3 7858E4EB

Pokemon Gender Modifier

Enter the Master code, then enter the Gender code individually for the cheat to work.

Master Code
9E6AC862 823AB7A8
8365F8FA 817CF3E9

Always Female Pokemon

Always Male Pokemon

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All Badges cheat

Acquire all 8 Gym badges using this cheat.

A12FCE77 0C1EC556

Rare Candies

Enter this cheat to get 99 rare candies in PC

280EA266 88A62E5C

Shiny Pokemon Encounter

Encounter a shiny Pokemon using this code.


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Master Ball Bag or PC

Get 99 Master balls in bag using this code.

Bag Code

The following code will enable you to draw infinite amount of Master balls from PC.

PC Code
91B85743 27069397

Max Stats

This will give the Pokemon in your first slot max stats. You can use one of these or even all of them at the same time.

Max HP
830043B8 03E7

Max Attack
830043BA 03E7

Max Defense
830043BC 03E7

Max Special Attack.
830043C0 03E7

Max Special Defense
830043C2 03E7

Max Speed
830043BE 03E7

No Random Battles

Avoid random battles using this cheat code.



Use the following cheat to make your Pokemon invulnerable to damage or death.

830043B6 03E7

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pokemon sapphire codes

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pokemon sapphire cheat codes

What is the cheat for more Lives?

Above mentioned advantages of the cheats can make a player’s life much easier. I mean rather than wasting time on small tasks such as crossing a river or going through a wall or even collecting suitable pokemon for specific tasks he can actually work on the bigger mission which in this case is the wars and battles. I mean can you imagine how much of effort and time these cheats save. And how interesting they make the game seem? Unbelievable. From the above-mentioned cheats in my opinion the most effective one has to be the sapphire game shark codes. Although, they all had something special this one, in particular, has more benefits than the other two combined.


This game is obviously about pokemon. Who plays such an important role in the completion of the main tasks. Without whom there is no way a player can win a task let alone pass it. Hence, I personally feel that this particular cheat code is more effective than the others. Although, the other ones are equally significant. That’s the specialty of these cheat codes. They are all so important that there is no way you can rule any one of them out. This is what makes this game and these cheats so special. They give you an experience other games most certainly cannot.

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