Pokemon Ultra Moon Cheats Complete List in 2021

Pokemon Ultra Moon Cheats Complete List in 2021

If you’re a lover of Pokemon games then Ultra Moon must be one of your favorite titles. If you’re into the game for a while or are new to Pokemon ultra moon, then it is necessary for you to have some know-how about Pokemon ultra moon cheats. Because without using the codes, newbies might find the gameplay a bit difficult and boring. And if it was the cheats you were looking for, you’re exactly at the right place. You will find all major cheats for the game in this article.

Lucky egg:

It is one of the best Pokemon ultra cheats and it gives you xp at a rate twice than normal. The process of getting a lucky egg is very simple. What you need to do is fight with Elite 4 and defeat him. After defeating Elite 4 you are supposed to go the lab of professor kukui and ask him for the lucky egg. This lab is located in southern Melmele island. However, it is necessary to mention here that you are not eligible for getting luck egg until or unless you have caught fifty or more Pokemons. So, this Pokemon ultra moon cheat code helps you in collecting a large amount of xp in a shorter period of time.

King’s rock:

pokemon ultra moon ar codes

The cheat for getting King’s rock also comes under the list of amazing cheats. Having a King’s rock allows the flinch moves for your Pokemon. Not only this, but it also helps you in evolving your Pokemon into others types. In order to get King’s rock you have to defeat Elite 4 and then move towards trainers’ school located at route 1. You will find the door on the top floor and you can enter it now which was previously locked. After entering it, you need to defeat the principal of the school for the purpose of getting King’s rock.

Hence, you can use this cheat for amazing features including the evolution of your Pokemon.

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Pokemon Ultra Moon Cheats 2021

Here are all cheats for Pokemon Ultra moon you’ll ever need.

Max Money

pokemon ultra moon action replay codes

  • [Max Money v1.1]D3000000 33011928000038E8 0098967FD2000000 00000000

  • [Max Money v1.0]6066F3DC 00000000B066F3DC 00000000B000001C 00000000B0000024 00000000B0000004 00000000000038E8 0098967FD2000000 00000000

Action replay:

When it comes to the Pokemon ultra moon action replay codes, the thing that comes into our mind is the action replay. This device is specially designed for the purpose of modifying the game saves. These are also referred to as Ultra moon pokemon codes. Like all other games, using action replay for this game mode will also require Pokemon ultra moon action replay codes. However, you need to be careful in this regard, because mistakes in this regard sometimes cause glitches and even deletion of the whole game data. Therefore, it is necessary to deal with Pokemon ultra moon ar codes with proper care and attention.

Walk through Walls

[(Hold R)Walk through Walls v1.2] 003AD22C EB01F8A0
003AD360 EB01F853
DD000000 00000100
003AD22C E1A00000
003AD360 E1A00000
D0000000 00000000

[(Hold R)Walk through Walls v1.1] 003AD224 EB01F8A0
003AD358 EB01F853
DD000000 00000100
003AD224 E1A00000
003AD358 E1A00000
D0000000 00000000

[(Hold R)Walk through Walls v1.0] 003ABDD8 EB01F79D
003ABF0C EB01F750
DD000000 00000100
003ABDD8 E1A00000
003ABF0C E1A00000
D0000000 00000000

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pokemon ultra moon action replay codes

Here is some further info regarding the game cheats

Reveal glass:

Getting the reveal glass is also among the considerable Pokemon ultra moon cheats. Reveal glass enables you to transform the Tornadus, Thundurus and etc. You can get reveal glass upon successful completion of Olivia’s grand trial. After this is done just reach the research lab and ask professor Burnet to tell you about the reveal glass.

Pokemon Ultra Moon Gameshark

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pokemon ultra moon cheat code

For all the players of Pokemon ultra moon, it is necessary to know Pokemon ultra moon cheats including the Pokemon ultra moon action replay codes for better gameplay. The cheats mentioned in this article will make your gameplay full of fun and perfection by helping you progress faster in the game.

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