Pokemon Ultra Sun Cheats – Gameshark Codes & More

Pokemon Ultra Sun Cheats – Gameshark Codes & More

Being a player of Pokemon ultra sun it is necessary for you to know the cheat codes of this game mode. These cheat codes help you in the achievement of higher ranks in the game within a shorter time period. If you’re looking for cheats for this game, then you’re in the right spot. Pokemon ultra sun and moon cheat codes mentioned in this article will help you in improving your gameplay and enable you to progress faster to advanced levels. Here are all the Pokemon ultra sun cheat codes that you can try.

Getting the battle tree:

This Pokemon ultra sun cheat will boost your gameplay to a remarkable extent. The reason behind this is the battle tree you get using this Pokemon ultra sun game shark cheat. After beating the Elite 4 your ultra beast sidequest gets completed. And after the north coast of Poni island becomes accessible for you. After getting access to this coast, you can easily get the battle tree. Once you get this tree, it will make your gameplay better by enabling you to challenge the different trainers. With the help of the battle tree, you can unlock the battle tree rewards which would help you later in the gameplay.


pokemon ultra sun action replay codes

The specialty of this one of Pokemon ultra sun cheats is that it provides you access to the Mega Evolutions as compared to the previous modes of game-like Pokemon X and Y. Moreover, you can use this cheat on emulators like Citra as well. Here is how you can benefit from this one of citra ultra sun cheats. After beating the Elite 4 and completing the Ultra beast sindequest, you need to move towards Poni meadow as now you have access to Poni Island. While going towards Revolution cave, you will come across two characters named Dexion and Sina. After fighting with them and conquering the battle, you will get the keystone.

Similarly, you can also use other Pokemon ultra sun Citra cheats while playing on Citra.

Getting Zygarde:

If you are playing this mode of game in any emulator including game shark or citra, Pokemon ultra sun cheat codes mentioned here can be easily applied. Getting zygarde is one of the examples of these cheat codes. As mentioned above, you need to defeat Dexio and Sina. You will get Zygarde cube from Sina. This cube will help you in evolving the zygarde.

Pokemon Ultra Sun cheats 2021

Here is the ultimate list for Pokemon Ultra Sun cheats.


Max Money

pokemon ultra sun cheat codes

  • [Max Money v1.1] D3000000 33011928
    000038E8 0098967F
    D2000000 00000000
  • [Max Money v1.0] 6066F3DC 00000000
    B066F3DC 00000000
    B000001C 00000000
    B0000024 00000000
    B0000004 00000000
    000038E8 0098967F
    D2000000 00000000

Walk through Walls

  • [(Hold R)Walk through Walls v1.0]003ABDD8 EB01F79D003ABF0C EB01F750DD000000 00000100003ABDD8 E1A00000003ABF0C E1A00000D0000000 00000000

  • [(Hold R)Walk through Walls v1.1]003AD224 EB01F8A0003AD358 EB01F853DD000000 00000100003AD224 E1A00000003AD358 E1A00000D0000000 00000000

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Further Info

Here is some further info regarding the game cheats.

Totem sticker rewards:

pokemon ultra sun cheats citra

Another Pokemon ultra sun cheat code is to get totem sticker rewards. Totem stickers can be found throughout the game but they are always located at hidden places and you need to find them. After you get a specific amount of these stickers, you can get totem Pokemon. Totem Pokemons are larger than other Pokemons and help in improving your gameplay. Hence, this cheat is also considered as one of the best Pokemon ultra sun cheats Citra.


When it comes to the gameplay of Pokemon ultra sun, various Pokemon ultra cheats as mentioned in this article enhance your gameplay considerably. These cheats including the Pokemon ultra sun action replay code are a source of fun and joy for the players. That’s why, if you are wondering about the Pokemon ultra sun cheat codes, the cheats mentioned above are there for you.

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