Pokemon White 2 Cheats Complete list for Nintendo DS

Pokemon White 2 Cheats Complete list for Nintendo DS

All Pokemon lovers and gamers must be well-aware of its famous version White 2. Pokemon White and Black 2 both were released together. These versions are somehow the updated version of Pokemon Black and Pokemon White with some more new interesting characters and more fascinating stories. This makes us curious to know about White 2 cheats. After all, who wants to get stuck on the same level for centuries? No-one right? Because these games are not a piece of cake, one really needs to invest its brain and time to WIN IT. Since it is a sequel to Pokemon black which basically introduced Generation V to this world.

All cheats are listed below

Advantages of Pokemon White 2 Action Replay Codes:

Wild Legendary Pokemon is one of the latest Pokemon White 2 Action Replay codes that is released just now in 2021. Its code helps you to grasp any of the legendary Pokemon in this version. So, if you are interested in getting the collection of legendaries then, head over this code and follow the general instruction that comes along with the code. Moving further, are you a sucker of max money and items? Then a bunch of useful codes is exactly for you. A bunch of useful codes has all the useful codes in its collection in which max money, max items, no random encounters, and a lot of other more exciting items are also included.

pokemon white 2 wild pokemon modifier

The exp code, master ball cheat is a simple cheat that will help you get the master ball or any sort of ball. Isn’t it just amazing? Also, Palkia, dialgia and giratina summer 2013 event codes help you to get the events of the Pokemon that come with the instructions along with some reviews from the other guests. Lastly, rare candy cheat helps you to increase your level with unlimited rare candies. The emulator chats include walk-through walls, no encounter, sure catch Pokemon, Catch Enemy Trainer’s Pokemon, Invulnerability, and many more.

The best thing about all of these action replay codes for Pokemon White 2 is that these are cheats desmume. This means all these codes work on the free or open-source Nintendo DS emulator. Isn’t it amazing? You don’t need to pay a penny for these W2 cheat’s action replay to work? But one thing to look after over these free Nintendo DS emulator is that different Nintendo emulator works for different devices. The same software cannot work on different devices. For instance, if you are an android user, you will be needing different software, if you are a Mac user then OpenEmu would work for you, and the same for Windows and others. With the help of the wild pokemon modifier press “Select” and allow yourself to receive around exp share code; 649 Master Balls and 100 Ultra Balls. In order to meet Pokemon Dex Number abandon Master Balls and same with Ultra Balls to meets with high Pokemon level. If your desire for the encounter then simply presses “R”. All these abandoning and encounter is done only with the help of action replay codes Pokemon modifier.

Pokemon White 2 cheats:

Here are all cheats for Nintendo DS that are 100% working.

Pokemon White 2 Walkthroughs

The most common Pokemon White and Black 2 rom cheats that gamer uses the most has to be walkthrough walls. It is too common that now it is considered too mainstream. Also, a pro tip of this one of the most search cheats is to press “L” in order to move your character through the walls and high or low territories. Also, remember don’t go to the water or else you’ll be out.

Among all of these cheats code of action replay, wild shinny is known to do wonders to everyone’s games and it would definitely help you to ace your game as well. Not just shiny codes, you’ll get to know more than common rom cheats but over here you will be finding out about the Pokemon Volt White 2 cheats as well. The cheat codes action replay of the Pokemon modifier includes a lot of cheats. Among them, over here you will be finding out the cheats of Victini, Tepig, Pignite, Patrat, Watchog, Lillipup, Herdier, Stoutland, and so many more. All TMS codes are basically Pokemon Black and White 2 ar codes so let’s clear that out to avoid confusion. You will find all of the TM/HM cheats down below. In order to activate these codes press “L+R” and you are all set! Apart from codes, here are few tips for you guys to have more feasibility:

Go to Nuvema Town after catching all the Pokemon in the National Pokedex. After going to the town try to convince Professor Juniper to get the Shinny Charm. This strategy will enhance your chance to find the Wild Shinny Pokemon to 1:2370.6. Here is another golden tip for you if you are a believer who thinks changing Deoxy’s form is impossible. Well, it is possible if you go & face the meteorite in the Nacrene city Museum. Also, Deoxy do not have only one form but four different of them. So, be careful and alert! Well, these were some of the cheats or hacks as you wish to say. I hope it was even a little bit of your help. Whether to cheat or copy the codes or not, but make sure to work on these tips given above as they are for sure the great hack of Pokemon.

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Walk Through Walls

After entering the cheat press L to walk through walls.

  • 5219C910 FDD8F7C1

  • 1219C914 00001C04

  • 94000130 FDFF0000

  • 1219C914 00002400

  • D2000000 00000000

Catch Trainer Pokemon

After using this cheat to steal their Pokemon, the battle will end right away no matter how many Pokemons the trainer has left.

  • 02002300 6800686802002304 6001210002002308 00004770521AF660 F7EC6868121AF666 0000F652121AF668 0000FE4BD2000000 00000000

Max Money

Get the max amount of money allowed in game.

  • 94000130 FFFB0000
    02226724 0098967F
    D2000000 00000000

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Pokemon White 2 Cheats Nintendo DS

Further Info

pokemon white 2 wild pokemon modifier

All these cheat codes that will be provided can easily be used on the emulator by opting for the options action replay codes. It is the most feasible and easiest way for the cheats to work out because if it doesn’t work out then either there is a fault in the emulator or the cheats are incorrect.

For action replay codes to work, you are a prerequisite an Action Replay or the other way around is; if you are working your game on emulator cheats then you just need to go on the emulator’s cheat menu and register all the codes, one at a time, over there. Some of the common cheats that will be explained with brief details below are wild legendary Pokemon, Palkia, Dialgia and Giratina Summer 2013 Event Codes, Bunch of Useful Codes, Master Ball Cheat, and Unlimited Rare Candy.

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