Pokemon X Cheats Complete Cheats Guide

Pokemon X Cheats Complete Cheats Guide

Pokemon X and Y is without a doubt one of the greatest Pokemon games ever released by Nintendo. Even after 8 years, people are still enjoying this game, mostly because of the abundance of Pokemon X Cheats and Pokemon X exploits present in the game. These cheats for Pokemon X have made the game much more enjoyable and fun to play. Now, you may be wondering what are some of the most important and reliable Pokemon XY Cheats available today.

Well, you’re in luck, in this article, we will be presenting some of the best Pokemon X and Y cheats, tricks, tips, and secrets to spice up your Pokemon adventures.

Infinite Money codes:

One of the most commonly searched Cheats and exploit that players want to know is how to acquire infinite money, or as it’s called in the game; Poke dollars. According to the Pokemon X IGN guide, one of the tricks to receive infinite money is by using the amulet coin exploit. The amulet coin allows any Pokemon that holds on to it, to receive double the earnings. Players can use this Pokemon X Cheat to quickly level up their Pokemon as well as to gain massive amounts of cash.

Another Pokemon X codes to make some quick money is to go to Anistar City where an elderly man is resting. The old man will ask the player to give one of their Pokemon as he wants to have a friend he can talk to while he is relaxing. Players can temporarily give one of their lower-level Pokemon’s to the old man. After several in-game days, if the player returns to the exact same spot, they will find a Poke ball containing their Pokemon alongside a note in which the Old man thanks to the player for lending their Pokemon. Once completed, the player will receive a comet shard which can be sold for a hefty price at the local mega-mart. This is one of those Pokemon X and Y tips that I wish I knew when I first started playing Pokemon X and Y.

Many cheats may cause a risk like the game crashing or progress loss, so it is advised to save the game frequently. They may also lead to Pokemon XY Glitches. In spite of all this, these issues aren’t hard to overcome if you’re careful.

es but due to 3DS cheats compatibility issues we will not mention them here.

Pokemon X cheats 2021

Here is the complete list for Pokemon X cheats that covers all codes.

Infinite Heart Scales

Heart Scales is a unique item in Pokemon X and Y. It allows your Pokemon to learn moves that it forgot or never learned in the first place. Although this item is very rare and hard to come by, there is one secret method to acquiring infinite Heart Scales. However, in order to use this trick, players will need to have the old rod from Ambrett Town as well as a Pokemon that has learned the technical move Thief (TM46). Once both these requirements are fulfilled, head towards route 8 where the player will encounter a legendary Pokemon called Luvdiscs.

On defeating Luvdiscs, there is a fifty percent chance that the player will receive a Heart Scale. Players can keep grinding in this area for several minutes and can easily farm tonnes of Heart Scales. If by any chance, Luvdisc ignores the player’s attempt to bait him, then simply change your position. There are also a number of other cheats that can be used to acquire heart scal

Walkthrough Walls

[(Hold R)Walkthrough Wall v1.5]

  • D3000000 00000000

  • 0053ED50 E1A01000

  • 0053ED54 E12FFF1E

  • 0053ED58 E1A06000

  • 0053ED5C E12FFF1E

  • DD000000 00000100

  • 0053ED50 E3A01000

  • 0053ED58 E3A06000

  • D0000000 00000000

  • 580B5820 E1A01000

  • 080B5820 EBF8914A

  • D0000000 00000000

  • 580B3A1C E1A06000

  • 080B3A1C EBF898CD

  • D0000000 00000000

Multiply Items cheats

  • [Berries you own x255]
  • C0000000 00000040

  • 28C67FBE 00000063

  • DC000000 00000004

  • D1000000 00000000

  • [Items and Balls you own x255]
  • C0000000 000000F0

  • 28C67556 000000FF

  • DC000000 00000004

  • D1000000 00000000

  • [Med pack items you own x255]
  • C0000000 0000003F

  • 28C67EBE 000000FF

  • DC000000 00000004

  • D1000000 00000000

Max Pokemiles

[Max Pokemilles]

08C82B90 0098967F

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Infinite Rare Candy

Out of all the Cheats, probably the most useful is the infinite rare candy cheat. Rare candy is one of the most useful items in Pokemon games. It is absolutely necessary for the late game when it becomes increasingly difficult to level up your higher-level Pokemon. Basically, rare candy allows a Pokemon to instantly gain one level. This is particularly useful when you want your Pokemon to become powerful and learn new moves without having to grind against other opponents. The problem is that Pokemon XY rare candy is just that – RARE.

pokemon x tips and secrets

However, with these tips and tricks, you can easily get an infinite amount of rare candy. There’s no more need to search for “How to get 999 rare candies in Pokemon X”. Simply have to head over to the wonder trade option in the game. By using wonder trade and trading your Pokemon with other players in faraway countries, players will receive Poke Miles. The Poke Miles can then be redeemed for Rare candy and PP ups. One simple trick is to constantly trade a Pokemon with someone who lives very far away from your location. This way players can rack up on Poke Miles extremely quickly. Remember that 500 Poke Miles can be traded in for one rare candy and 1000 Poke Miles can be traded in for one PP up.

Pokemon X Cheat

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Pokemon X codes

Here is some more info regarding the game & its cheats.

Pokemon X Cheats 3DS

Easter Eggs and Secrets

Alongside the various Pokemon X Cheats, Pokemon X and Y also has a number of hidden Easter Eggs that reference Pop culture and secrets well hidden from players. Some of the most obvious Easter eggs include:
• “Its over 9000” is one of the dialogues that the psychic trainer says during your battle against him. It clearly references one of the most popular dialogues from Dragon Ball Z.
• While traveling around the countryside, there are a number of instances when regions from previous Pokemon games will be mentioned such as Kanto, Hoenn, Unova, etc.
• Probably one of the most interesting Pokemon X and Y secrets is when the player begins their super training. During the training, players can hear the dialogue playing in the background “fly like a butterfly, sting like a bee” – A clear reference to the iconic boxing phenomenon and arguably the greatest fighter of all time, Muhammad Ali.


cheats for pokemon x

Besides Cheats for Pokemon X, it’s also important to mention some Pokemon X glitches as well. One of the most popular glitches and cheats that was swiftly fixed by Nintendo was the Lumoise City Save. These Pokemon X and Y glitches were extremely game-breaking and meant that any player that tried to save their game while exploring Lumoise city had their entire save game corrupted. Some players abused this glitch with cheats of Pokemon X.

And there you have it folks! This is our take on one of the best Pokemon games that are out there. Hope these tips, tricks & codes prove useful along with the info that we provide. Happy gaming!

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