Pokemon Y Cheats Complete list

Pokemon Y Cheats Complete list

Pokemon Y is much more unique than its predecessors. Its incredible online social features and stunning new 3D look make the 15-year-old RPG series so special. In Pokemon Y, you’re never alone as long as you are connected to the internet. You can enhance your experience much more with these pokemon y cheats. Game Freak hasn’t only fixed long-standing flaws with Pokemon Y; they’ve also introduced new features at every turn. You can add more fun to your experience with pokemon y cheats if you don’t feel like putting in maximum effort. Just lay back, relax & let the codes do their thing.

Mega Evolutions Cheats:

The role of Mega Evolutions completely changed the way pokemon battles took place, is perhaps the most crucial change to combat. These unique modifications will change the types of Pokemon, making battles a lot more strategic. For example, Charizard and its Mega Evolution change him from Fire/Flying to Fire/Dragon, effectively eliminating his Water weakness. It expands your options significantly by adding a possible seventh option to your current roster.

Game Freak reasonably put some restrictions on that effective upgrade: you can only activate a Mega Evolution once per fight. Not all Pokemon can be upgraded. There’s also an unintended limitation: while human battles sound more strategic, the trainer A.I. still doesn’t react intelligently to the weaknesses. If you don’t want these restrictions to impact your gameplay, you can use pokemon y cheats.

Pokemon y secrets

In the new Pokemon-Amie mode, you can interact, dine & even play with your mates to boost their morale. Also, it would be really fun to experiment with cheats while your together with the team.  You can easily find cheats for pokemon y online.

The graphical change in this game will be recalled, but it isn’t the game’s most notable feature. The online multiplayer functionality in Pokemon is the most powerful among all the Nintendo titles. You can search for pokemon y tips and tricks, xy cheats, or pokemon y tips and secrets to learn more about this fantastic title.

The “Player Search System,” available on the bottom screen, is used for multiplayer activities.  It categorizes other players into three groups: passersby, who are people who are known as a fellow of Pokémon Y players in the vicinity or around the world; active players, who are those who are currently playing Pokémon X or Pokémon Y; and inactive players, who are those who are not presently playing Pokémon X or Pokémon Y.

You can easily interact with other trainers; just tap other player’s avatars in the menu to fight or trade with them right away. You can watch each other’s “Trainer PR Videos,” which are really short clips made by real-time players, which can really help you make new friends online in-game. also have the option to voice chat with friends and use a variety of fight and trade matchmaking options, including Wonder Trade, which allows you to send a Pokemon to the internet either in exchange for a blind trade. For trading, you can find fun cheats for pokemon y online.

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Pokemon Y Cheats 2021:

Here are all the Pokemon Y cheats that are still working as of now:


Pokemon Y innovative Cheats:

Pokemon Y Cheats

The forward-thinking online features in Pokemon Y make the game feel radically fresh and more innovative. This has become more innovative with pokemon y exploits. The Player Search System, originally introduced in Pokemon Black & White, has seen great advancement, making online interactions and team playing sessions much more fun.

You can also choose to fight or trade your Pokemons at any time which is pretty lit. You can also share your latest customizations with others. For example, each trainer may share a short video showcasing newly acquired creatures or personal characteristics. It’s an excellent way to express yourself. This game has such unique features, pokemon y glitches, xy glitches, and are deadly.

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The game does a fantastic job of encouraging you to meet, capture, and use the hundreds of Pokemon that inhabit Kalos. If you are still confused, how to get any pokemon in pokemon y then you can search for xy tips or cheats for pokemon x and y.

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Walkthrough Walls cheat

[(Hold R)Walkthrough Walls v1.5] D3000000 00000000
0053ED50 E1A01000
0053ED54 E12FFF1E
0053ED58 E1A06000
0053ED5C E12FFF1E
DD000000 00000100
0053ED50 E3A01000
0053ED58 E3A06000
D0000000 00000000
580B5824 E1A01000
080B5824 EBF89149
D0000000 00000000
580B3A20 E1A06000
080B3A20 EBF898CC
D0000000 00000000

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pokemon y tips and secrets

This role-playing game is much better if you play it after going through the game guide. Plus, pokemon x and y cheats make the game more interesting

The impact really takes off during battles. Instead of a few pixel art frames, every Pokemon in the game comes along with a 3D model that can battle, receives damage, and is quite cool honestly. Combat is dynamic and thrilling, and it gives each Pokemon a distinct personality that the series hasn’t done before. Pokemon y cheats can have a significant impact during battles.

This is the first 3D title in the franchise & with an excellent game design according to its time that has aged quite well. For example, Charizard has been scary since the first games, but his latest look is completely stunning. He hovers in place, looking vast and magnificent, dwarfing his previous 2D appearance. With adorable animations effectively sell his personality, the hyper-cute Pikachu is on the other end of the spectrum. You can also enjoy the game by looking for pokemon y rare candy, pokemon xy rare candy, and easter eggs in it. The all-new Mega Evolved models seem to be just as impressive.


Most of this is due to the game’s progressive approach to experience points. Capturing pocket monsters now earns you XP, which is a series first. Changes to the returning Exp. Share object, which gives an inactive member of your party half-portion of the rewarded XPs at the end of each battle, no questions asked, is much more dramatic. If you are a beginner, you can easily capture characters with pokemon y cheats.

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