Sims 4 Aspiration Cheats – Complete List for PC/Xbox/PS

Sims 4 Aspiration Cheats – Complete List for PC/Xbox/PS

When you are out playing live with the life simulation game, Sims 4, you do it with all human-like mindset, life choices, and wants. Yes, we are talking about aspirations that allow you to motivate you to play the game and move up in the game.

Aspirations are worth-pursuing and they act as an impetus to play your game in the desired method. But did you know there was an easy route to getting them fulfilled? Enters Sims 4 aspirations cheat. And that’s easy to use and apply.

Let’s learn more about aspirations as well Sims 4 aspiration cheat to get the most satisfaction from the game.

Sims 4 Aspirations Cheats

Complete current Sim aspiration goal
(Milestone cheat)
Get Infinite Potions using the Infinite Consumables Cheatsims.add_buff Points sims.remove_buff Points
(Run the remove_buff command to use the cheat again)
Get Infinite Potions using the Infinite Consumables Cheatobjects.consumables_infinite_toggle
(After using this cheat, buy a potion and place it in an environment where your Sim is likely to drink it. This cheat will make this consumable infinite)

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Sims 4 Aspiration Cheat – Pre-requisite

Hit the ctrl + shift + c to see the bug items for PC, and

R1/RB+R2/RT+L1/LB+L2/LT  (Xbox One, PlayStation 4) a

After the command console appears, type “testingcheats on” and enter it to turn on the cheats.

Press Esc to escape. Or press Ctrl + Shift + C to exit.

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What are Aspirations in Sims 4?

sims 4 milestone cheat

Well, this question doesn’t make sense assuming you are an avid Sims 4 player. But if you are new to it and are trying to figure out what aspiration to choose from the given list, here is the answer:

Aspiration is a life-long goal that your Sim may choose to pursue. Note that although every Sim has an active aspiration, they are not bound to follow it. In other words, if you choose to stick to a low satisfaction level, you can choose to let the aspiration and related trait at it and never use it.

There are twelve aspirations for teens and older age groups. You have to choose only one of these. Children have their own category of aspiration and that is to grow up quickly. Yes, children also can use Sims 4 aspiration cheat to fulfill their aspiration to grow up.

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The Connection between Aspiration and Milestones

When you choose from the twelve available aspirations, you are given four milestones to work on. Once you have completed all these milestones, you have fulfilled the aspiration and gained the satisfaction you wanted from it.

Fortunately, you can also choose to use the Sims 4 milestone cheat to accomplish a milestone to bring aspiration-related satisfaction closer.

Inserting Sims 4 Aspiration Cheat

sims 4 complete aspiration cheat

Once you have entered the testing cheats mode, you can insert the complete aspiration cheat to get satisfaction.

Know that there is no aspiration cheat to fulfill the complete aspiration. You have to take it slow and take two different routes to achieve an aspiration. One of these ways is to use Sims 4 milestone cheat while the other is in using aspiration points cheat.

The cheat for the first method is as follows:


Using this cheat, you can complete one of the four tasks and gradually inch closer towards your cheat. You will have to insert this cheat four different times to get past all four milestones and fulfill the aspiration. As well as completing the current milestone, this cheat also helps your Sim in enjoying the satisfaction that comes with the completion of every milestone.

If you want to pursue your aspiration without milestones cheat, you can also do that by getting satisfaction points. The cheat for getting satisfaction points is Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points [insert value here].

You have to choose the satisfaction points you want at one time by inserting the number in after points after giving space in this Sims 4 aspiration cheat.

Note that although you can use aspiration cheats without entering testing cheats mode, you get surety that they will be executed if you are in that mode.

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Changing Sims Aspiration:

One cool feature of the Sims 4 is that avatars are allowed to change their aspirations to change the reward trait they will get after accomplishing it. Another cool feature is that the milestones you have accomplished under one aspiration can be transferred to another aspiration in case the second one uses a similar milestone for its completion.

If you want to proceed with a change in aspiration, you don’t have to use Sims 4 Xbox cheats. All you have to do is to spend up to 6250 aspiration points on buying ReNuYuSenso Orb which you should only use after reaching a gold aspiration level. Don’t forget to choose an aspiration that is relevant to the current one so you can use your milestone in new life choices.

Wrap Up

Here were a few methods which you could use to pursue your aspiration by using cheats aspirations. These include pc cheats as well as console cheats. If you don’t want to rely on cheats, you can use other, real-life-like methods of getting satisfaction such as by using skill cheat to further career aspiration.

Other cheats that will enable you to move up the socioeconomic status include money cheats, career reward cheats, and building cheats.

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