Sims 4 Career Cheats – Complete list for PC/Xbox/PS

Sims 4 Career Cheats – Complete list for PC/Xbox/PS

Career is a major factor that makes your beloved life simulation game, Sims 4, more loveable and attractive. But it is also the factor that, after some ‘seasons’ in a position, starts bothering you.

The lack of adventure and abundance of repetition that comes with going on a job every day makes most careers boring. And then you need higher monetary and non-monetary rewards which only come with a promotion in your Sim’s career.

So, how can you avoid the mundaneness!

Surely, the answer should be easy and effective. You can be happy now that the answer responds to your needs just accurately. And the answer lies in Sims 4 career cheats.

Sims 4 Career Cheat:

Why would you use a Sims 4 promotion cheat?

This question has numerous answers. You can reap more rewards with a higher career level, skip the hassle of going to work at a particular position for long, and change the general living standard of your Sim.

CareerCheat Code
Actingcareers.promote Actor
Astronautcareers.promote Astronaut
Athletecareers.promote Athletic
Businesscareers.promote Business
Conservationistcareers.promote Conservationist
Criminalcareers.promote Criminal
Criticcareers.promote careers_adult_Critic
Culinarycareers.promote Culinary
Detectivecareers.promote Detective
Doctorcareers.promote Doctor
Entertainercareers.promote Entertainer
Gardenercareers.promote Adult_Gardener
Militarycareers.promote Military
Paintercareers.promote Painter
Politiciancareers.promote Activist
Scientistcareers.promote Scientist
Secret Agentcareers.promote SecretAgent
Social Mediacareers.promote SocialMedia
Style Influencercareers.promote Influencer
Tech Gurucareers.promote TechGuru
Writercareers.promote Writer

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Sims 4 Part-time Job Cheats 

Part Time JobCheat Code
Babysittercareers.promote PartTime_Babysitter
Baristacareers.promote PartTime_Barista
Divercareers.promote PartTime_Diver
Fast Food Employeecareers.promote PartTime_FastFood
Fishermancareers.promote PartTime_Fisherman
Lifeguardcareers.promote PartTime_Lifeguard
Manual Laborercareers.promote PartTime_Manual
Retail Employeecareers.promote PartTime_Retail

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Sims 4 School Career Cheats

CheatCheat Code
Promote in Grade Schoolcareers.promote gradeschool
Promote in High Schoolcareers.promote highschool
Demote in Grade Schoolcareers.demote gradeschool
Demote in High Schoolcareers.demote highschool
Promote in Scoutscareers.promote_scout
Promote in Drama Clubcareers.promote dramaclub

career cheats sims 4

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How to Unlock Career Rewards?

Instead of going through an enormous list of Sims 4 career cheats, you have to insert a one-time cheat in buy mode. The cheat to unlock career objects is bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement.

The biggest advantage of unlocking career levels is getting access to career rewards. But, if you are interested in promotion only for the sake of these rewards, you can stop bothering!

You can easily unlock career-specific rewards without using career cheats Sims 4. You can gain access to certain furniture or high-end equipment in buy mode without using Sims 4 career cheats.

Sounds easy!

Career Cheats Sims 4 – Prerequisite

Before you start inserting cheats, you need to ensure that your Sim is receptive to these cheats. Sometimes when you haven’t switched your testing cheats mode on, it can hinder the application of cheats on your avatar.

So, how you ensure that testing cheats are on? Here are the steps:

  • First, you have to open the command line. You can do this by inserting: Ctrl + Shift + C ( forPC)  and R1/RB+R2/RT+L1/LB+L2/LT (Xbox One, PlayStation 4) 
  • In this command line, you have to insert ‘testingcheats on’. After that, press enter.
  • Once you have inserted the code, you can insert Ctrl + Shift + C command again to close the line. You can also close the dialogue box using Esc.

Inserting the Job Cheat:

Now your Sim is ready to receive the promotion as you like. All you have to do is to type this promote cheat: career.promote [insert your career name here].

Using this format, you can easily and quickly move up the career ladder.

For example, if you want to get promoted in your political career, you should insert career.promote activist.

Can You Demote Your Sim?

If you want to step back on your career, Sims also allows you to do just that. Here is a quick method to demote your Sim:

  • First, you have to switch testingcheats on. Use the prerequisite guidelines mentioned earlier in the article.
  • Next, insert the work cheats: career.demote [insert your career name here].
  • It’s as easy as that!

Other Methods of Getting Promoted

Sims 4 promotion cheat is just one of a few methods to get a promotion. Another is getting the required skills. You can get every talent and skill you want by using max skill cheats. You can use these cheats after entering the testingcheats mode. The code to max out on any skill is stats.set_skill_level Major_[insert your desired skill here] 10.

You can change this number from 10 to anything between 1 and 10 to get your desired level of mastery in this skill.

Are Sims 4 Career Cheats That Necessary?

You may want to unlock career items from getting promoted. But if that is not the case, you need to question your desire to want career development? After all, you can always life satisfaction without getting promoted in your life simulation game.

You can get your aspiration fulfilled with aspiration cheats Sims 4 and for accomplishing milestones, you can use milestone cheat. If you want to combine your aspiration cheat Sims 4 with satisfaction points sims 4 cheats, you can do that also using point cheat.  Just don’t miss out on fulfilling aspirations, you may end up forgoing certain rewards.

Wrap Up

Before you use any of these Carls Sims 4 cheats, you should refer to the career guide to understand the meaning and perks related to each career level. Get to work cheats are great as long as you are using them in combination with other cheats and after understanding your satisfaction from the game.

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