Sims 4 Enable Cheats – PC/Xbox/PS Console Commands

Sims 4 Enable Cheats – PC/Xbox/PS Console Commands

Want to use cheat codes but don’t know how to enable them? Well, nothing’s new to the Sims series, but the thing is, if you don’t have any fancy memorizing the cheat code or never played the game, then let us help you.

How to enable cheats on sims 4 (PC+Xbox+PS)

For PC, press the ctrl + shift + c to open up the sims cheat console and then input your chosen cheat code into the command box, then hit enter. Your cheat will be activated by now.

For the Playstation press and hold L1+R1+L2+R2 (all four shoulder buttons) on your controller to open the cheat console.

For Xbox One, Press and hold LT + RT + LB + RB (both triggers and both bumpers) on your controller.

To activate the new branch of commands and effects in the sims 4 enable cheats, type “testingcheats true” into the console. With this, you will be capable of unlocking some new objects.

Okay, now we’ll talk about how the cheats work in Sim 4 on PC, well, it will give you a lot of money, or maybe you will get unlimited money while accessing all the levels in the game. You will face some fun and weird things during the game, like you may need to replace the sim’s head with the salad bowl, however.

Some of the sims 4 testing cheats change the objects to the individual sim, such as; increasing the specific area’s skill. While other cheats toggle can be on or off on the sims 4 enable cheats.

You need to enable the Sims 4 on PC to use them. When you enable the cheats, you can enter the cheat codes that you want. To enable the cheat on PC, follow the steps below:

  • Install the game, then press ctrl + shift + c in your sims 4 enable cheats gaming.
  • Choose inside the thin box that will appear at the top of the screen
  • Next, type the testingcheat true and enter it.
  • Once you’ve done these processes, again press the ctrl + shift + c and open the backup.

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Sims 4 build and buy mode cheats

If you want to buy some mode sims 4 testing cheats, you need to apply some cheat codes that we shared here.

To buy hidden objects, dial “bb.showhiddenobjects”, buy any locked items, use “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement”, or to build anything, use the “bb.enablefreebuild”.

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Sims 4 live mode cheats

When you lose track in the sims 4, it’d like things to be going out entirely. To increase the sim skill in any specific area, you can use stats.set_skill_level Major_Logic 10, or if you don’t want to use them, you don’t need to use the code.

However, for sticky situations, you can use some of these codes:

  • To complaints the sim’s current goal, use the “aspirations.complete_current_milestone”
  • To fill any motive that is valid for hygiene, use “fillmotive motive_[motive]”
  • For the satisfaction points, give your sim “sims.give_satisfaction_points [#]:” cheat code.
  • To reset the stuck sim, use the “resetsim [firstname lastname]:”

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Sims 4 enable cheats to make a Sim Ghost

Here is the head guide for you to turn your sim into a ghost of any kind based on the depth type. You can make a sim who’s died back into the normal sim, and for that, you need to remove the ghost trait when they are added back to the gaming family.

Pregnancy and Multiple Birth Cheats

Do you want a baby quickly, then follow the cheat sim that is pregnant, and it will force the sim into labor. The cool part is, they let you make twins, or triplets, and much more.

The Sims 4 friendship and romance cheats

The sims 4 enable cheats is already your friend, plus it will introduce you to all its neighbors as well. You can replace your friends here plus make a relationship. Use the “relationships.create_friends_for_sim” cheat code to create friends. Or use the “relationship.introduce_sim_to_all_others” for relationships. Or if you want to modify the romance level, just type the “modifyrelationship”.

The Sims 4 item cheats

It lets you create any objects wherever you want so that you can unlock all those things you want. If you want to unlock any special thing in the building mode, type the “bb.ignoregameplayunlocksentitlement” into the search bar.

If you want to show any hidden items in your catalog, type “bb.showhiddenobjects” and it will show you everything you want. And do you want to build something? Use this cheat code “bb.enablefreebuild”.

Whenever you’d play sim 4, you will have a different experience since it’s a very popular series. You can enter cheats on the PS4 version or on the Xbox One version that is very amazing.

Final Thoughts

So, these were on how sims 4 enable cheats lets you create your favorite cheat code. It is very easy since you can unlock everything you want regarding your gaming.

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