Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat – Complete list for PC/Xbox/PS

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat – Complete list for PC/Xbox/PS

You want to get more satisfaction. You want more rewards. Or maybe you want to switch to other aspirations leaving behind the current aspiration of your Sim. Satisfaction points are important to change the way your Sims are living their lives. The rewards they get from it impact their personalities and traits.

If you want to bring a major change in your Sim’s life or style, spending satisfaction points is the surefire way to do just that. Fortunately, you can get these points in numerous ways. These legitimate methods of earning satisfaction points include acting on whims or getting holidays.

Other than these legit ways of earning reward points, you can also use the shortcut of getting these points. By these shortcuts I mean Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat. You can get Sims 4 reward points cheat in the following article as well as tips on how to get satisfaction points in Sims 4 through working on aspiration.

Let’s first discuss the legitimate ways of earning satisfaction points!

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat:

CheatCheat Code
Get 5000 satisfaction pointsSims.Give_Satisfaction_Points 5000
Complete current Aspiration MilestoneAspirations.Complete_Current_Milestone
Get 50,000 simoleonsmotherlode

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sims 4 reward points cheat

Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat – Prerequisite

Just like most other cheats in this game, aspiration points cheat also follows a similar path. Cheats satisfaction points require the simmers to opt into the testing cheats mode before inserting the cheat.

You can enter into testing cheats mode by inputting the command Ctrl + Shift + C to open the command line. Once open, you have to type in the command testingcheats on and press Enter. After inserting this command, you can press Esc to exit the command line.

Down below, you’ll find further info on all Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat.

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Ditch the Sims 4 Satisfaction Points Cheat

The first method is working on Whims. When you play Sims 4, your Whims function is off by default because of the weird nature of Whims that are being offered in the game. However, if you want to use them to add satisfaction points, you can re-enable them.

  • The process of re-enabling starts with you heading to the menu (press Esc). Then you head to Gameplay in the Game Options menu. Once there, you select ‘Show whims’ to enable them.
  • Another method to get satisfaction points is through seasoned holidays. Make sure you get as many as are available to you. You can also create custom holidays to get rewards. Note that rewards from these holidays might not be much significant.
  • Another method to get these points is having a baby with Father Winter. However, your success may take some ‘years’ before materializing.

In the end, the most obvious method to get satisfaction points in Sims 4 legitimately is by pursuing your aspirations. So, whatever the aspiration your Sim holds, always remember to make them pursue it. In the process, they will get satisfaction points.

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The Ultimate Cheat for Satisfaction Points

Okay! So you have used all the methods to earn extra satisfaction points but still need more the get that reward!

Or maybe you want it quick and want to rely on Sims 4 reward points cheat to fulfill your desires. We are not judging you!

And now you are wondering how to get satisfaction points in Sims 4.

In such cases, you can use the easiest satisfaction cheat to get your desired points.

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Give Satisfaction Points

Satisfaction Points

Now you have to switch testing cheats mode on. You can move forward by typing Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat which is: cheat Sims.Give_Satisfaction_Points 5000.

Note that this cheat’s satisfaction points have a value, 5000. This value dictates the number of points you will get after the execution of this cheat. If you want to change the number of these points, you can simply change this number and insert your desired value.

Are Satisfaction Points Enough?

Satisfaction points are great to earn to get some awesome rewards. But there are some rewards which are not tied to satisfaction only. Rather, you need to fulfill aspiration to attain them.

So, if you are only focused on attaining satisfaction, change your game strategy and include the pursuit of aspiration as one primary motive. Other than Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat, you should also get help from aspiration cheat in getting some high-end rewards.

The best cheat to fulfill aspiration is that of completing milestones. Fortunately, you also get the cheat to complete milestones. Once you have completed four milestones, your aspiration is fulfilled and you get the trait reward.

Wrap Up

Why would you want to use Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat? You would do this to get extra satisfaction points.

But where would you use these satisfaction points? You can use these satisfaction points in different ways. The most prominent of these is fulfilling an aspiration. But you also get some rewards with are attached to satisfaction points. Also, these points allow you to change your Sim’s personality.

This article detailed the complete method to use Sims 4 satisfaction points cheat. You can also use other methods to pursue your Sim’s aspirations and milestones with other cheats.

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