10 Best Houses in Skyrim 【Locations Included】

10 Best Houses in Skyrim 【Locations Included】

Slaying dragons and living the life of an adventurer can get tiring and if there’s one thing that the Dragonborn needs when the weariness sets in, it’s a place to relax and unwind. Sure, the taverns are full of interesting characters and it doesn’t hurt to take a bite of some healthy meat and a drink of some finest Cyrodil ale but sometimes the only remedy to some hard-fought battles is a nice cozy bed with some solace. Fortunately, in Skyrim Players can spend some of their gold earnings on purchasing houses, some might call it a gift from the divines.
In this article, we’ll be listing down some of the best houses in Skyrim and finally answer the tough question;

What’s the best house in Skyrim? For the sake of this list, we are only going to consider player houses that are acquirable and not those customizable homes offered via the Hearthfire DLC. We’ll be sticking to the pre-made homes available in the vanilla game as well as those attainable in other DLCs. Either way, this list is very subjective, so feel free to share your thoughts on the best player home down in the comments below. Continue reading to discover the best and worst Skyrim houses ranked according to price, affordability, and location.

Best Houses in Skyrim 2021:

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10. Breezehome – Whiterun

Breezehome Whiterun

First off, we have Breezehome, which is situated in the town of Whiterun. Breezehome is the most simple and basic house in Skyrim but it gets extra points for being the first house the player can obtain without having to do much effort, and besides, I’m sure it holds a special place in all our hearts.

There’s no doubt that Breezehome is the best Skyrim house during the initial phase of the game. There is nothing wrong with Breezehome except for the lack of mannequins and weapon racks to show off your armor and weapons collected during your adventures.

The home itself is quite bigger than other houses in Skyrim and it has a lot more decorations to it. Although it doesn’t come with any cellar, Breezehome still has a lot going on within the space it is provided. It has two floors; the first floor contains your typical setup of a dining room and the choice of either an alchemy room or a children’s bedroom.

The second floor consists of a bedroom for your housecarl and the main bedroom for the player to sleep with a common area in between the two rooms. Overall, Breezehome is the most basic house on this list, and it can be purchased for 5000 septims with further upgrades adding up to 6,800 septims.

9. Abandoned House – Markarth

Abandoned House Markarth

The abandoned house can be found in the city of Markarth near the Arnlief and Sons company. The house is already completely furnished and comes with a plethora of food items and weapons to loot. It’s also very spacious and can accommodate large quantities of loot.

With three rooms and a shrine to the Daedric Prince of Domination – Molag Bal, the abandoned house is one of the best homes in Skyrim for aspiring adventurers. However, the abandoned house cannot be purchased legally, and neither can the player bring any companions or partners alongside them within the house. Similarly, cooking, alchemy, and enchanting aren’t possible as well.

The only reason why the abandoned house is on this list is that it’s completely free of cost and players can use this house early on to take breaks from their weary travels. Considering that it’s free, new players can think of this as the best Skyrim house to start their journey.

8. Drelas’ Cottage – Morthal

Drelas’ Cottage Morthal

Located in the mountainous region of Morthal, west of Hamvir’s Rest, there is a small cottage nestled between some woodland trees and a brook. This cottage belongs to a Dwemer mage, Drelas, who happens to be an expert mage dealing in dark magic.

Although the cottage belongs to Drelas, the Dragonborn can easily make short work of him and acquire his property. Once Drelas has passed away from this realm, players can easily move into the house and make it their very own best home in Skyrim.

The cottage comes with various perks such as a personal garden, alchemy room, arcane enchanter, and a gorgeous view of the surrounding area in Morthal. There is also a chest containing many valuables that once belonged to the mage which can be looted for goodies.

The Drelas’ cottage is the best Skyrim house for players who are looking for a home that’s better than Breezehome but comes without any hefty price tag.

7. Windstad Manor – Hjaalmarch

Windstad Manor Hjaalmarch

The Windstad Manor is located in the northern reaches of the Hjaalmarch region, near the western border of the Pale. This property is unlocked once the player has completed the side quest Laid to Rest.

Depending upon who takes control over Falkreath during the civil war, the player can either purchase the Windstad Manor from the steward of Hjaalmarch Nenya, or Tekla if the Stormcloaks manage to annex Falkreath. The Manor can be purchased for a small sum of 5000 septims, which for its price, is fairly good considering its massive size and the incredible views on offer.

Windstad Manor is located in a forested area and provides access to several key regions in Skyrim with a perfect view of Riverside and the woodland vegetation. Solitude can also be sighted in the distance with various other cities being visible during the daytime. One of the reasons why Windstad manor is the best house in Skyrim is because players can build an entire fishery by upgrading the manor.

Fishes can be bred and harvested, offering the prime opportunity to make a considerable fortune by selling fish. Nearby mines and khajit camps make this place the best house for trading and doing business with the citizens of Skyrim.

Besides the fishery, players can also add a workbench, carpenters bench, anvil, and various rooms to upgrade lodgings for spouses and children. It is the best place to buy if you’re looking for some quiet after winning countless battles.

6. Lakeview Manor – Falkreath

Lakeview Manor Falkreath

Located in the northern region of Falkreath reach, the Lakeview Manor is one of the best house Skyrim has to offer. Lying deep in the forest of Pinewatch, Lakeview Manor is renowned for its wilderness and sprawling flora and fauna.

This is why it is considered a hunter’s paradise with the roads leading to the manor often brimming with hunters looking for prey. Just the serene location and the peaceful environment make this the best property in Skyrim to call home.

Besides having the typical Skyrim housing features such as workbenches, alchemy labs, arcane enchanters, anvils, and harvestable resources, there’s also the option to purchase a bee farm to cultivate honeycombs. The manor is completely customizable, and players can decide where to place furniture thanks to the apiary add-on.

The property can only be purchased once the player has reached level 9 or by receiving the title of Thane of Falkreath. A courier will deliver a letter notifying the Dragonborn once the property is up for sale. A quest will be assigned to the player where they will have to hunt down a bandit leader to secure the estate.

Once the quest is completed, players can purchase the property from Steward of the reach for the small sum of 5000 septims. It’s one of the best Skyrim house if you’re looking to make consistent upgrades and changes.

5. Hjerim – Windhelm

Hjerim Windhelm

Hjerim is a purchasable player home that is located in the most prestigious and wealthy districts in Windhelm.

Only a short stroll from the palace of the kings lies the property known as Hjerim, which according to the Valunstrad tradition, translates to the avenue of valor. An appropriate name for such a majestic house located in one of the most gorgeous districts in all of Skyrim.

Upon first inspection, Hjerim’s steep tiled roofs and prominent wooden gables show off the characteristic Nordic architecture in all of its glory and you’d be hard-pressed to find a more perfect home to resemble Skyrim’s proud Nordic culture. Inside, Hjerim is incredibly spacious, and the timber floors and dense stone walls provide a warm contrast to the biting cold of the city outside.

Once fully furnished, you’ll find an arcane enchanter and an alchemy lab as well as close access to smithing facilities and other basic needs. However, one of the coolest things about this house is the secret hidden room behind the wardrobe on the ground floor, making it one of the best house in Skyrim.

The house can be purchased from the steward in the keep for the hefty price of 12,000 septims with additional upgrades costing around 9,000 septims.

4. Vlindrel Hall – Markarth

Vlindrel Hall Markarth

If you’ve ever seen a Dwemer ruin before, you’ll know that Dwemer were arguably the very best architects in all of Tamriel.

The city of Markarth is a well-maintained example of the magnificence of their craft. Vlindrel Hall is your chance to acquire your piece of Dwemer architecture and it is rightfully the best property to buy in Skyrim.

This house is built into the side of a mountain and is nicely secluded and nestled in the top right corner of the city. Once you enter the hall through the intricate bronze door, you can admire the unique Dwemer style until your heart’s content. Vlindrel Hall is located in the uppermost district in Markarth and as a result, the front porch offers an amazing view over the city and its Dwemer settlements.

You can also see the city’s waterfall as well as the distant landscape view of the mountains and rolling plains scattered across the reach. If you happen to be a scholar and a connoisseur of books, Vlindrel Hall boasts the biggest library in all of Skyrim, with large bookshelves located side-by-side rather than spread across the house like some other buyable properties.

Vlindrel Hall can be purchased from the steward of Markarth once the player has completed all of the required quests related to the city. The house only costs 8000 septims and with further upgrades of 4,200 septims, the final price for Vlindrel Hall sits at 12,200 gold. For what it’s worth, it is the best house to buy in Skyrim.

3. Proudspire Manor – Solitude

Proudspire Manor Solitude

Next up, we have Proudspire manor – the large and luxurious multistory home available in the capital of Skyrim (Solitude). If any house is worthy of the title Best Skyrim Home, it would be this one.

Proudspire manor has a private patio with amazing views over the surrounding forests, sea, and a small part of Winterhold can also be seen in the distance. While it is first found covered in dust and cobwebs, a sizeable investment will turn it into one of the nicest house in Skyrim.

Its location is in the residential district of Solitude meaning that it is located in a quaint neighborhood while also being a short walk from the largest market district with the most variety of goods of all the holds in Skyrim. Considering Solitude’s bright and sunny weather patterns, the top floor of Proudspire manor always has beautiful lighting which is a welcome change to the often gray and frozen state of much of the province.

For those interested in academics, the Proudspire manor is located right next to the Bards college, making it some prime real estate for on-campus living. It’s no wonder why this house is the most expensive house available in Skyrim, it is the best Skyrim house in a major residential city.

The manor can be purchased from Falk Firebeard at the price of 25,000 gold, further upgrades will increase that price tag to 39,000 gold.

2. Honeyside – Riften

Honeyside Riften

One of the humblest abode players can buy in the game is the purchasable property in Riften called Honeyside.

While Honeyside may not be the biggest house in Skyrim, it surely is the best house to buy. Its modest size is compensated by its location and its log cabin aesthetic and vibe. One side of the home faces out into the city while the other, which opens up to the balcony and leading down to the water offers, an amazing view of the lake Honrich and the surrounding woodlands.

One of the most beautiful locations in all of Skyrim, the city of Riften is a bit dodgy with corrupt guards trying to scam you as you enter the city, but Honeyside gives you a handy escape from all of that or if you’re into that kind of thing it gives you close access to the thieves guild. Honeyside is the only house in Skyrim which gives you your own personal exit from the city to walking out onto the balcony. Meaning that players can walk straight into the world without having to go near gates.

It is the best Skyrim house for those players who are actively pursuing the thieves guild questline, as it makes life so much easier.  As mentioned earlier, this home sets itself apart from other properties.

The main floor feels warm and inviting, while the basement provides a practical space for enchanting and potion-making. Also, the house comes with a small walled garden with regrowing plants and even two chickens which you can kill without acquiring a bounty.

Honeyside can be purchased for the modest sum of 5000 gold with additional upgrades costing 4,300 gold.

1. Severin Manor – Solstheim

Severin Manor Solstheim

Finally, the award for the best Skyrim Vanilla house goes to Severin Manor. It is located in Raven Rock on the island of Solstheim.

Long-time players of the Elder Scrolls series will feel some intense Morrowind vibes when visiting this property. The home perfectly fits the house Redoran style, distinctive of the city of Raven Rock and it has that awesome alien-like exterior design that makes dunmer architecture so fascinating.

The interior doesn’t disappoint either as it comes fully equipped and furnished upon acquisition. The style of the walls, floors, and archways makes it feel like you’re living in the exoskeleton of a giant insect. As enormous fans of Morrowind and the dunmer, it’s hard not to favor Severin manor above the alternatives.

There’s just something so cool about owning one of these Redoran homes. In essence, it perfectly sums up the obscure otherworldly vibes of exploring Solstheim. The house is also rather practical and even has a forge inside its walls (that’s one of the benefits of not building with wood).

There is also a garden downstairs which contains some essential alchemy ingredients and vegetables. Severin Manor also houses its very own smithing workshop, with a functional smelter, workbench, grindstone, and several smithing materials such as iron and steel ingots.

With its alchemy lab, arcane enchanter, and various chests full of loot, Severin Manor can be obtained by the player once they have completed the quest Served Cold, completely free of cost.

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